Goodbye Sweater

After Florida scored to make it 4-0 the Panthers feed showed something that TSN chose not to; a Leafs jersey thrown onto the blue line by a presumably disgruntled fan.

It was a powerful image; a Leafs fan who lives in Florida or travelled to Florida on holiday tossed their formerly beloved sweater on the ice to show how awful this team is right now.

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I took a picture of the television to post it on the internet and when I hit play on the DVR the Leafs had scored. Mikhail Grabovski blew a one timer top shelf over Tomas Vokoun.

For a second I had an image of this jersey being tossed away like an unwanted kitten and it turning the Leafs season around. It could have been a message to this team that the fans have had it. Fans of your team in away buildings are almost necessarily die hards. They’re the people who put up with the stream of insults and jeers to watch their team.

Glancing around the Bank Atlantic center crowd on TV you could see Leafs fans with their faces painted and signs cheering on their team in the lower bowl. Another time I might have said good riddance to the fan who tossed their jersey on to the ice but given this stretch all I can do is admit I understand his or her feelings.

It can’t get any worse from here, right?

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