Three's Company- Lupul and Kessel added to All-Star Roster

Danny Gray
January 12 2012 11:00AM


We're going to Kanata? Great I could use a haircut.

Today the NHL announced that Phil Kessel and Joffery Lupul will join Dion Phaneuf in representing the Leafs at the All-Star Game at the end of January. While the citizens of Ottawa made a valiant effort to put as many Sens in the game as there are Unisex Hair Salons in Ottawa, they could not keep two of the NHL's leading scorers out. 

This is the first time the Leafs have sent three representatives to the All-Star game since 2000 which saw Mats Sundin, Curtis Joseph, and Dmitri Yushkevich suit up for Team North American and Team World. 

It feels nice to finally have more than the one token player representing the team. This speaks to the work Burke has done to re-build the Leafs. Although Lupul's inclusion was not something many people could have predicted at the start of the season. That being said, it is still a testament to his ability to build a competitive team.

More than anything this gives Leafs fans in attendance something to do besides relentlessly and mercilessly boo Daniel Alfredsson every time he touches the puck, or steps on the ice. 



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#1 LifeonIce
January 12 2012, 01:36PM
Trash it!

Three Leafs is definitely something to celebrate, agreed. Can't wait to watch the game. Also, Alfredsson sucks.

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