Leafs Nation Podcast: PLAYOFFS!!1

Leafs Nation Podcast
April 22 2012 05:26PM


This week, Steve Dangle joined Danny Gray and I for a good talk about the Marlies' playoff performance so far, as well as some chit-chat about the current NHL playoff situation. Oh yes, that's right, we also discuss the Raffi Torres ordeal, as well as some interesting rumblings from a French-Canadian friend of mine.

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Leafs Nation Podcast 13

1. The Marlies' playoff run so far, and a closer look at D'Amigo, Frattin, Kadri, and Ashton
Interlude: "Sim Sala Bim" by Fleet Foxes

2. Rooting for 'underdogs' in the NHL playoffs
Interlude: "Drunken Lullabies" by Flogging Molly

3. Raffi Torres and his suspension
Interlude: "B.N.E." by The Japanese Motors

4. "Oh man, Fleury's brutal." and other goalie talk

Talkin' Leafs, complaining about stuff, still awaiting that next cup win.
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