Big names now scheduled for alumni game

Cam Charron
August 23 2012 10:26AM

Brief reprieve from lockout talk: My position is quite strong on the idea that the National Hockey League wouldn't consider cancelling any games past January 1st.

Who knows if the alumni game will still go on, but I'm quite convinced it will. And the Leafs finally added some of the big names to the show, as per James Mirtle:

Still no Dave Keon, but those are some fairly big names. Mats Sundin probably still has a cannon for a slap shot (and can you imagine if he uncorks one over Chris Osgood's shoulder on a rush?).

I have confidence that this game, plus the Winter Classic, go ahead as plan, labour bickering aside. The NHL knows that they have too much of a cash cow in the second half of the season to stay away (thanks to the league's fans) and are going to milk the best deal out of the players they can during the early part of the NHL season.

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