The Steve Dangle Podcast - October 24, 2013 - Come on, pal!

Steve Dangle
October 24 2013 11:12PM


We got another parody accout! This one's got promise!

On this episode, the guys talk about David Clarkson's return, Buffalo's goon situation, and Chris being a swell uncle.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes by clicking here (OR LOOKING IT UP ON ITUNES)

Or listen on the SoundCloud link below:


  • Steve rocking out at KiSS

  • Kaleta Stank

  • Shanahan's original Kaleta suspension video.

Steve Dangle has a YouTube channel with millions of views, is the co-host of the Steve Dangle Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud, and is a secret agent for Sportsnet. Steve has also worked for CBC, the NHL Network, Leafs TV, Nike, the KHL, and most of all, the Toronto Zoo. What a goof.
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#1 MaxPower417
October 25 2013, 08:57AM
Trash it!

Clarkson is coming

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