LFR6 Round 1, Game 3 - Rask and Reward

Steve Dangle
May 07 2013 02:44PM


Tuukka Rask comes back to haunt the Leafs. WHO SAW THAT ONE COMING?!?!?

Leafs Fan KO'd 
Post Game blog

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#1 justVisiting
May 10 2013, 05:04PM
Trash it!

waiting in line to stay outside. wow, you guys ARE desperate. q; don't you guys have pubs w tv's in them and pretty girls to bring you beers and snacks? cuz, you should get those.

i hadn't heard about the leafer who got clobbered in boston, but no, that's NOT the way we do things here … in public … with witnesses. it's bad form. normally we follow you home and slash your tires.

no matter what happens tonight/this weekend; you've already lasted LONGER than the canucks AND habs; so good on ya.

7:03 pm edt, GAME ON!

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