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Leafs ass't coach Greg Cronin talks puck-possession

Cam Charron
July 18 2013 07:07AM

Kudos to Alec Brownscombe at Maple Leafs Hot Stove who managed a terrific interview with Greg Cronin, a Toronto Maple Leafs assistant coach, and pressed him on a few topics including puck possession. Perhaps because the Leafs are such a high-profile team, the success of the Maple Leafs next season will act as a kind of battlefield between traditionalist and analytics.

It's real interesting because Joffrey Lupul and Tyler Bozak have both come out swinging against the sort of work that I do here. The debate, once relegated to corners of the Internet, has shown to be a little more than a passing fad. Mainstream writers like Steve Simmons and Gare Joyce came out swinging against analytics and statistics earlier in the month, when otherwise they might ignore them. Clearly, the blogs that cover the statistical side of the game are doing well-enough to leap into mainstream discussion.

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