Cabbie, Kadri, JVR, make boss-ass Vine

Steve Dangle
September 18 2013 01:51PM

And just think, if Dave Nonis didn't get Kadri to sign a contract, we may have never gotten this video!

Nazem "the Dream" Kadri, James "JVR" van Riemsdyk, and funny TSN reporter dude Cabbie made a nifty little Vine video Wednesday afternoon. The Jock Jams music at the end is a nice touch, too.

This video is a few things.

One, it's a blatant and shameless attempt by me to drive traffic to this site.

Second, it's just nice to see hockey players doing stuff like this. Some players have gotten themselves into hot water on social media, but it's also helped shed a funnier, more personable light on a sport notorious for having some pretty boring interviews. Outside of the rare Jeremy Roenick's of the world, all we used to get were "110%" and "group effort" quotes. Now we get sweet-ass Vine videos that show a player's personality. Look at those acting skills! Kadri's all "What sorcery is this?" JVR's all "I'm holding an imaginary piece of lumber!" 


Of course, as cool as this video is, it's not the coolest Vine involving NHL players. That honour belongs to former Boston Bruin and new Edmonton Oiler Andrew Ference following the Bruins' Game 6 loss to Chicago.

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