The Steve Dangle Podcast - January 16, 2013 - Let's Break Some Wind!

Steve Dangle
January 16 2014 09:38PM


On this episode, the guys talk about the Oilers' and Canucks' woes, Leafs trade rumours, and hilarious heckles.

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Steve Dangle has a YouTube channel with millions of views, is the co-host of the Steve Dangle Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud, and is a secret agent for Sportsnet. Steve has also worked for CBC, the NHL Network, Leafs TV, Nike, the KHL, and most of all, the Toronto Zoo. What a goof.
January 17 2014, 02:13AM
Trash it!

I'm starting this rumour/thread/speculation right now - Gardner and Kadri to Colorado for Ryan O'Reilly and two picks.

Why not?

O'Reilly can be spared because the Avs have some good centermen. Kadri slides in and the Avs make another move or two. O'Reilly centres JvR and Kessel, Bozak between Clarkson and Lupul, Holland with Kulemin and Raymond, McClement, Bolland, D'Amigo. Orr and McLaren are gone.

Elevate Brennan to replace Gardiner. Ranger and Fraser sit.

SO. It's official. There IS now talk of Ryan O'Reilly to the Leafs.

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