LFR7 - Game 51 - Rising - Tor 4, Phx 2

Steve Dangle
January 21 2014 02:42AM


Five straight wins, Phil Kessel stays hot, and Nazem Kadri is coming alive.

Now what's the difference between good and great?


Post Game

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#1 Leaf Fan in Mexico
January 21 2014, 06:14AM
Trash it!

Excited? As much as I love the Leafs, they are still too much like cheap candy, explodes in your mouth, is super sweet, but doesn't last that long. If you believe we are nothing more than junkies.... that said, hope springs eternal in our camp, and I remain cautiously optimistic but still believe we lack a steadfast, mature leader up front who grabs the boys by the cuffs of their shirt when things are not going right... Great all niter Steve.

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