LFR8 – Game 22 – Anaconda – Tor 3, Pit 4 (OT)

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 3.02.05 PM

The Leafs tried to mount a comeback but the booty was too strong.


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  • everton fc

    That Rielly penalty pissed me off. That was BS.

    Leo is amazing. Team played well. I am not going to put to put the blame on anyone but, polak does provide that big body presence like no other leaf – which makes him great to have on the ice. I like how the leafs played. Can someone tell me what is going on with kessel? Bozak is playing amazing, JVR we don’t see, Kessel we don’t see. What is going on. I am glad bozie is doing amazing, just I want to see this beauty kessel goals because .. well.. it is kessel

    Kadri needs leo and santo because they make him play their way. And he is amazing playing that way. That big hit on the pens player by kadri was amazing.

    I do not think Lupul is a fourth liner but, this is hard to say – I think winnik should go on the fourth line. Have lupul playing with holland and clarkson. I am glad randy had the lines this way, because we need to not rush him in. He was favouring his injured hand a lot.

    Ideal lines imo is

    JVR – Bozie – Kessel

    Leo – Kadri – Santo

    Lupul – Holland – Clarkson

    Booth – Smith – Winnik