The Steve Dangle Podcast - March 9, 2014 - Twitter is more important than Vancouver

Steve Dangle
March 09 2014 05:19PM

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On this episode, the guys look at those crazy cardiac Leafs, more Canucks deadline fallout with behind-the-scenes details, and why Twitter is better than Vancouver.

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Steve Dangle has a YouTube channel with millions of views, is the co-host of the Steve Dangle Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud, and is a secret agent for Sportsnet. Steve has also worked for CBC, the NHL Network, Leafs TV, Nike, the KHL, and most of all, the Toronto Zoo. What a goof.
#1 Michael F.
March 09 2014, 10:28PM
Trash it!

I don't "have a horse in this race", but seeing those tweets, I would have to suggest that BobbyLou doesn't come out looking good after those couple of tweets. Grow the f' up, BobbyLou!

But I'll give him a pass on it anyway because it's still pretty darn funny.

Keep up the great work on these podcasts Steve, Adam, and Chris. I really enjoyed them. The last podcast was so quotable!

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