LFR: Nylander's Hair & Dev Camp

Steve Dangle
July 10 2014 01:28PM

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 3.13.08 PM

My take on the quotes coming out of Leafs development camp from Brendan Shanahan, talking to William Nylander, and other potential future Leafs.

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#1 David Savelieff
July 12 2014, 12:09AM
Trash it!

Truly a delightful pleasure in viewing your video broadcasts. Eat your heart out the nature boy Slick Ric Flair Whooooo. I'm extremely impressed and I don't impress easily.

I'm noted for a lot of rants over a 50 year pontification career of elucidating and edifying the peasants by deciphering the clay tablets for the serfs from Mount Sinai.

I look forward to seeing more of your works of wisdom.

Humbly yours.


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