Rinat Valiev Takes Cooking Classes, Signs Entry Level Contract

Justin Fisher
July 10 2014 09:49PM

It's been a pretty big day for Rinat Valiev, the Leafs' 2014 3rd round pick. First, he learned how to cook nutritious meals as part of Toronto's prospect development camp. Then, he signed a three-year entry level contract. 

Full disclosure: I don't know if it all happened in that order.

A new contract doesn't mean that Valiev is any closer to pro hockey, as it's highly, highly unlikely that he cracks the Leafs roster, and much more likely he returns to the WHL's Kootenay Ice for one more season. In a year's time he'll be eligible to join the AHL Marlies, and that ELC will kick in.

So, down to the truly important details...

Looks like they were cooking with broccoli. Yeah, that's healthy. Carrots? Good. An enormous tub of mayonnaise? Whoa, hold on, that doesn't seem healthy at all.

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#1 TheShadierTwin
July 11 2014, 10:33AM
Trash it!

You didn't even talk about young DiCaprio doing duckface. Your reporting is a JOAK #badcred

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