Leafs Roster Preview - Jonathan Bernier

Dom Luszczyszyn
September 14 2014 09:30AM

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You've been introduced to the young guns, now it's time for the big boys. Everyday, from now until the season opener, you'll get to know your favourite Leafs just a little bit better thanks to the beautiful people at TLN. 

The first Leaf on the docket is arguably the most important Leaf: goaltender Jonathan Bernier. 

That's funny to say in hindsight, because a large section of Leafs fans were adamant the Leafs didn't need him, period. The Leafs already had a great young goalie; one that took them to the playoffs for the first time in nine years. Considering James Reimer's play during the lockout-shortened season, acquiring Bernier seemed unnecessary compared to other (still) pressing needs.

But the Leafs defensive ineptitude quickly proved that in order to even get a sniff of the playoffs, they would need Bernier and every single ounce of elite goaltending they could get out of him. And even that wasn't enough for a historically deficient team.

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TLN Top Twenty Leafs Prospects: #11 Greg McKegg

Dom Luszczyszyn
September 03 2014 08:30AM


Greg McKegg's path to the NHL has been a bit up and down to say the least. 

That bumpy road has made it difficult to peg where his potential lies and how soon he can reach it (if that). The voting by the Leafs Nation staff made that pretty clear. Three of the nine writers put him firmly inside the top 10, two right at 10, while four had him outside. He may have improved one spot from his pre-season ranking last year, but dropped one from the mid-season ranking.

McKegg's journey begins with the 2007-2008 OHL Priority Selection where the Erie Otters chose him second overall. The following year he made his rookie debut with a modest 18 points. In his draft year he made a gigantic leap scoring 85 points in 67 games, but still, some scouts questioned whether his point totals were McKegg's own ability or a product of who he was playing with (which is funny in hindsight considering where Zach Torquato and Mike Cazzola are playing now). McKegg slipped to the third round where the Leafs gladly scooped him up at 62nd overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. 

When he was drafted, I'll admit, I had no idea who he was because I'd never seen him play. But I saw he had lots of points and an awesome name. To me that was enough convincing. I thought there was no way he wouldn't be an NHLer someday based on those factors alone.

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Good Toronto Boys (Thumbs Up!)

Dom Luszczyszyn
August 04 2014 09:30AM


It’s August. With PK Subban finally signing a monster eight year deal with the Habs, hockey news has become scarce. 

It’s surprising that it took the Canadiens that long to figure it out with their franchise player, and for a while it looked like the two sides were miles apart. 

What was more surprising to me was that Subban signed for eight years. 

Why is that surprising? It’s because Subban is from Toronto and everyone knows that every kid from Toronto only dreams of playing for the Leafs.

He was slated to be a UFA in 2016 along with superstar centre Steven Stamkos. The two grew up in the GTA and even played on the same team for some time (pictured above). 

They could’ve done it again, playing for their hometown team, the team they grew up with. It would’ve been glorious.

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How far are the Leafs from the Stanley Cup?

Dom Luszczyszyn
June 16 2014 12:58PM


The Leafs are very far away from being Cup contenders - that much is obvious. How far away is a different question though. To measure that, you have to compare them to the teams that have won. Over the last five years there have only been three winners. Los Angeles. Chicago. Boston.

To even compare the Leafs to these teams is unfair, I’ll admit, but it’s a necessary comparison because the goal is to be as good as those teams are. The goal is to contend for the Cup year in and year out. And the goal is obviously to win it.

So we need to see what separates the Leafs from these three teams, and to do that we need to define what makes a team good at hockey, because a good team wins playoff games.

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The Bright Side To Randy Carlyle's Extension

Dom Luszczyszyn
May 09 2014 09:55AM

Ok everybody, just breathe. 

You've had some time to sleep on yesterday's big decision. It's not the end of the world, although it sure seemed that way on Twitter when news of Randy's non-firing and extension broke.

Some people on this very website took to drinking and ghost stories. Others are literally abandoning the team. And then there was something about umbrellas.

Overall, there was a lot of negativity surrounding Shanahan's first big decision, which was to keep the incumbent coach that lead the Leafs to one of the worst defensive performances in history. Sure, most of that negativity is completely 100 percent justified considering how the season played out, but everyone deserves a second chance in my opinion. 

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