En Memoria: Mark Arcobello Leaves for Europe

Cat Silverman
May 31 2016 03:08PM


Mark Arcobello: an ode to a (brief) Toronto Maple Leafs legend. 

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Auston Matthews is from Arizona: an Open Letter to John Buccigross

Cat Silverman
May 04 2016 02:22PM

Dear John Buccigross: 

We need to talk. 

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Lyon Hearted: Why the Leafs Should Pursue Alex Lyon

Cat Silverman
March 11 2016 06:00AM

If there's any part of the Toronto Maple Leafs depth chart that still needs work, I think we can all agree: it's in net. 

The Leafs are heading into the upcoming 2015-16 season with, well, pretty much no one outside of Garret Sparks especially guaranteed in the depth chart. Antoine Bibeau likely still needs more AHL work, there's no promise that Jonathan Bernier has a future with the club, and James Reimer may want to return - but that's all just hypothetical stuff. The ECHL affiliate, the Orlando Solar Bears, has a promising prospect in Ryan Massa, but he's not Toronto property (yet). 

That makes free agent Alex Lyon a hugely attractive option for Toronto. 

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TLN Mailbag: Time Zones (Late Night Mailbag Edition)

Cat Silverman
February 01 2016 04:04PM


CAT'S BACK! *excited emojis*

After a brief Leafs Nation hiatus (that had more to do with a nasty case of the flu than you guys, I promise), I'm back for a night with our Leafs mailbag - and it's gonna be fun. 

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Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: Hattrick Kane

Cat Silverman
January 15 2016 07:48PM

When the Toronto Maple Leafs hit the midpoint in the season last year, the full-on spiral into darkness was already under way. 

This year, we expect them to be bad - so losses are supposed to be learning experiences, not so much things to be ashamed of. Morgan Rielly scored, so we should be fine with this loss - in theory. 

Of course, that was before we realized that Patrick Kane earned a hat trick in this game...

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