Fiction vs. Reality: Expectations for Jonathan Bernier's New Contract

Cat Silverman
June 20 2015 02:34PM

Jonathan Bernier sent the hockey community into a somewhat-warranted tailspin (at least in Toronto, which is the centre of all things anyway) when his wife posted a picture of their baby son on Instagram with the Leafs logos on his shirt altered out of the picture. 

The whole story suggested that she and Bernier knew something about his impending contract that the rest of the hockey world didn't -- and while it may be that their son is going to be on Hockey Wives in the onesie (meaning the logo would need to be cropped out) or that he's going to get dealt, it's also entirely likely that the family just didn't want to announce ahead of the club that the Toronto Maple Leafs had elected to go to salary arbitration with the 26 year old netminder

Bernier has been a source of controversy among Leafs fans, analysts, and media personnel for what seems like forever -- so this is hardly a shock. What can we expect from it, though? 

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Monday Mailbag: Who Needs a GM?

Cat Silverman
June 15 2015 12:56PM


I'm back for another week! Thank you, @Jeffler, for relinquishing the mailbag for a second time to my highly-undeserving clutches. 


The draft is just under two weeks away, and the Leafs have made it fairly clear that they're totally fine with going into the draft GM-less - so long as they have someone in charge by the start of next season. I think this is a pretty godawful way of approaching the first draft in your umpteenth rebuild, but I'm like many of you - still clinging to the tiniest plausible deniability that Shanahan is incapable of making mistakes. We'll see. 

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Report: Kris Knoblauch Interviews With Marlies, Leafs, and Griffins

Cat Silverman
June 10 2015 10:58AM

Kris Knoblauch is first thought of by fans as the bench boss in charge of Connor McDavid's Erie Otters, but the 36 year old Saskatchewan native has coached an entire slew of top-ranked NHL prospects since stepping behind the bench of his first CHL club in 2010 - including both Max and Sam Reinhart, New York Rangers netminding prospect Mackenzie Skapski, and 2015 Draft eligible Dylan Strome. 

Now, he's looking to move up to the pro level... 

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Monday Mailbag: Let's Get Swedish

Cat Silverman
June 08 2015 03:30PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs were my favorite tire fire this past season, so I actually probably watched more Leafs games than any other team I wasn't covering. So, to give everyone an opportunity to get to know me, my stance on the Leafs, and exactly why we could all use a bit more Swede in our lives, I'm taking over the mailbag this week. Let's take a look at what you threw my way:

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