Friedman's Comments on Justin Johnson Contract Bring Up Intriguing Concept

Cat Silverman
October 27 2015 11:38AM

Elliotte Friedman starts every one of his 30 Thoughts articles with a heavy, in-depth lede. 

His actual 30 thoughts are usually anywhere from a sentence to a small paragraph, but the heavy lede goes into depth about something thought-provoking. The topic ranges from trades to coaches, salaries to women's hockey - but this time, the topic was a salary breakdown not at the NHL level, but in the AHL. 

The Toronto Marlies have a player under contract this year by the name of Justin Johnson - and his contract, according to Friedman, could be a minor league game changer. 

*read Elliotte Friedman's full 30 Thoughts Here*

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Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: Welcome To Your Domi Years

Cat Silverman
October 26 2015 08:32PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs managed to lose another game, this time the Arizona Coyotes. 

Those guys were supposed to be bad, right? 



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Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: Let Me Clear My Throat

Cat Silverman
October 21 2015 08:22PM

Three Cheers for the tank battle!

Confession: as much as I want to harp about the number of reasons I hate the shootout, I'd much rather just point out how much I love Buffalo's goal song. No one can take that away from me. 

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David Clarkson Could Make His Columbus Return Against Toronto

Cat Silverman
October 14 2015 01:42PM

Does anyone remember $5 million dollar man David Clarkson? 

Of course you do. He was the cherry on top of Dave Nonis' very horribly constructed Toronto Maple Leafs sundae, getting inked to a deal that paid him $1M more per season - and for three more seasons, at that - than the notoriously overpaying Boston Bruins were willing to ink Brad Marchand for. 

It was also $725,000 more per season than Max Pacioretty makes. 

It was awful. It is awful. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

It got the team a whopping 15 goals across two seasons and a lot of laughing and finger-pointing from other teams around the NHL before the Leafs finally managed to unload the deal on the Columbus Blue Jackets - who got exactly three games out of Clarkson before he was injured. 

Now, though, he's back... and who's surprised that it's against the Leafs? 

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Leafs Post-Game: Babcock's Homecoming

Cat Silverman
October 09 2015 08:34PM


So the Leafs... 

Well. It's a rebuild. Guys, it's game two and already, there are only so many different ways that I can tell you that the team looks like this by design. 

(Either that, or Mike Babcock is still secretly rooting for his old team to win, in which case there's literally nothing we could do tonight.)

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