Cat's Opening Night Roster

Cat Silverman
October 01 2015 12:44PM


"Nothing induces stress like trying to come up with a lineup that makes sense for the Leafs. That's because the team really isn't that good." - Jonathan Hockey, aka Jon Steitzer

Yesterday, we kicked off what's probably going to be the most controversial and inflammatory series we've done all off-season: attempting to predict the team's lines for the 2015-2016 season. 

I'm not even going to get into the fact that you should all be ashamed of yourselves for getting so upset over what's basically a slight variance on the four interchangeable lines that the Leafs will roll next year. The good news, of course, is that the fourth line isn't going to have Colton Orr or someone like Brandon Bollig; even if the Leafs opt to put Shawn Matthias, Mark Arcobello, or Nick Spaling in the bottom six, all three have proven that they're capable of putting up 15-20 goals in a single season. The bad news is still that the team may be icing four good third lines next year, but hey - rebuilds suck. In order for things to get better, the Leafs have to ice rosters like this for a bit. 

I'm sorry, too. 

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TLN Player Profile: G Jonathan Bernier

Cat Silverman
October 01 2015 10:27AM

Jonathan Bernier is the second (and final) goalie that we'll be doing a profile proper on here at TLN before the season begins. 

Some of you love Jonathan Bernier. Some of you think, like the panelists over at ESPN Insider, that Bernier is given less credit than he's due - but still aren't willing to consider him a franchise-changer, because he still can't win the damn games. Yet more of you think that he's a kinda short, kinda blissfully clueless, kinda fragile butterfly goalie who makes some cool bail-out saves but still allows too many easy goals and gets hurt all the time. 

Whatever your opinion of Bernier is, though, the 27 year old native of Laval, Quebec is signed for another two years; unless we see Antoine Bibeau or Garret Sparks truly edge either Bernier or Reimer out of net AND see a team willing to trade to take on his $4.15M AAV cap hit, there's not much that's going to change until his current deal expires. 

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Lebrun: Tyler Bozak, Joffrey Lupul Likely Dealt by the Deadline

Cat Silverman
September 30 2015 03:09PM

There are a lot of pieces in the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup this year that don't necessarily seem to compliment each other. Or, well, an NHL lineup. 

The Leafs are clearly in the midst of a rebuild, and the team has been far from hush-hush on the matter. Phil Kessel, the team's leading scorer for every one of the last six seasons, was shipped out for future pieces to help the club - and pretty much everyone brought in via free agency can be described as a 'wait, what team did he last play for?' kinda guy. 

Despite this, though, there's still been speculation about which members of the Leafs core will be gone by the trade deadline. It seems logical to assume that anyone with a pending UFA status this year is eligible to be shipped out the door, but one of the handful of albatross contracts sitting on the Leafs' payroll should probably be flipped for prospects or picks, as well. 

According to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, the two most likely candidates are Joffrey Lupul and Tyler Bozak. 

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Leafs Postgame: Who's Evan Rodrigues, Again?

Cat Silverman
September 29 2015 07:41PM

Know that train of anger, determination, and long memories that the Buffalo Sabres always seem to hop on when they want to deliver a mercy killing to a team they have no business beating? 

Well, Evan Rodrigues decided to drive that train tonight. 

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Leafs Ink Andrew Campbell To Two-Way Deal

Cat Silverman
September 29 2015 12:50PM

Just when you thought that the Toronto Maple Leafs releasing Mark Fraser meant that there wouldn't be any new adds to the blue line... 

The team went and added another random face in the form of AHL journeyman Andrew Campbell. 

Wait... who?

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