Mike Babcock Throws Shade At Leafs Fitness Levels

Cat Silverman
September 28 2015 09:29AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs knew that things would be different under highly esteemed bench boss Mike Babcock. After all, he was brought in on the highest salary to ever get paid to an NHL coach - a whopping $6.25 million per season - to try and fix the runaway train that the Leafs have become in the post-Pat Quinn era. 

No one expects Babcock to be nice to the Leafs as he whips them back into shape. He's there to win a Stanley Cup, after all, not make friends and baby the players. 

Well... he's meeting those 'tough love' expectations pretty well. 

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TLN Player Profile: G James Reimer

Cat Silverman
September 26 2015 02:05PM

Let's imagine, for argument's sake, that everyone reading this article is a Leafs fan. 

Chances are, that means that you - the reader- clicked on this article with some pretty strong feelings about James Reimer. After all, he is a part of maybe the most incomprehensibly controversial goaltending tandem in the NHL. 

Some fans are team Carlyle; they feel let down by James Reimer, who was pretty much described as just 'okay' by his former coach during a disastrous 2013-2014 late season stretch. Other fans have irreverent faith in Optimus Reim, staunchly insisting that he faces harder shots, gets left out to dry by his teammates, and does it all without much complaint as the bona fide number two. 

However you feel about the 27 year old Manitoba native, though, he's back for another season - so who is he, how does he play, and what role does he fill in the Leafs organization? 

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TLN Player Profiles: C Mark Arcobello

Cat Silverman
September 16 2015 05:15PM

People fall into two camps about Mark Arcobello. 

They either love him for being an underrated possession driver who takes a ton of shots (and therefore creates scoring chances), or they hate him for being very small and kind of predictable on the ice. Some people think he's a strong middle six forward, others think he'll be lucky to earn a roster spot out of training camp for the rebuilding Leafs.

Here's your opportunity to decide where you fall on the Arcobeliever Scale. 

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Curtis Glencross is the Perfect Add to a Tanking Team

Cat Silverman
September 16 2015 09:57AM

Before he accepted a PTO with the Toronto Maple Leafs, I'll admit - I wasn't a Curtis Glencross 'fan', per se, but I also didn't hate his game. I actually found that to be quite a good PTO to offer, and was willing to hop on the Glencross bandwagon if he did manage to spin this upcoming season of straw into gold. 

It seemed surprising that the Leafs, who are trying to rebuild, would add players with significant value, though. 

I mean, come on. Auston Matthews. #TankForMatthews2016 is a thing, right?

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Nikolai Skladnichenko, Scott Eansor Replace Zach Hyman at Rookie Tournament

Cat Silverman
September 09 2015 04:30PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs rookie tournament begins this upcoming Friday in London, Ontario - and while fans have been looking forward to a few of the bigger names featured, some minor changes are worth keeping an eye on. 

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