Brendan Shanahan talks to fans online

Adam Laskaris
August 09 2016 11:46AM

Do you ever wonder what hockey executives do deep into the offseason? 

You've made your signings from Europe and North America and missed out on a few others. You've made your draft selections. You may or may not be signing Jimmy Vesey, but that's still a few days away. The Ivan Hlinka Tournament is on, but you'll just catch the highlights and get your scouts to fill you in, honestly. So what do you do with your time?

Well, Brendan Shanahan might have an answer to that question, or many answers, really.

Shanahan recently went on The Players Tribune to respond to fan questions about a variety of topics. While the whole Q&A is worth a read, here's a few of Shanahan's best and most relevant quotes from the mailbag in context:

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Who is Boris Dorozhenko? A look at the man behind Auston Matthews' development

Adam Laskaris
June 30 2016 07:00AM

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Photo via Boris Dorozhenko

Draft Day

Though the first round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft was must-see TV in the Toronto area and much of North America, Boris Dorozhenko didn’t see it live.

On Friday, June 24, at approximately 7:18 p.m. EST, Auston Matthews was selected by the Toronto Maple Leafs with the first overall pick in the draft. 

Dorozhenko, instructor at Next Generation Hockey schools, primarily based in Arizona, is the self-proclaimed creator of “Most unique & effective hockey player development system in the world”. He has been a coach of Matthews’ in one way or another since 2005. 

But while Matthews was trying on his new sweater, taking photos and being interviewed by just about every reporter that could find their way to Buffalo, Dorozhenko spent his Friday afternoon in a Phoenix Arizona rink teaching a regularly scheduled clinic.

“Someone has to be working,” Dorozhenko said.

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An ordinary day in Toronto: June 27th, 2016

Adam Laskaris
June 26 2016 02:18PM

The following is a fictional story based on realistic circumstances and loosely based on real events and experiences.

Toronto, Ontario. 

Monday morning, June 27, 2016. 

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Gauthier returned to Marlies

Adam Laskaris
March 22 2016 02:44PM

Why have a Goat Tracker if you don't track The Goat?

After just two games in his first NHL stint, Frederik Gauthier was returned to the Toronto Marlies.

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Frederik Gauthier to make NHL debut tonight, recalled with Josh Leivo on emergency basis

Adam Laskaris
March 19 2016 08:42AM

Another one. 

Frederik Gauthier is the latest Marlie to be set to make his NHL debut, slotting into the lineup tonight after being called up on an emergency basis (along with Josh Leivo, who's been floating between the teams so often it's easy to lose track of him.)

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