TLN Postgame: It's always Sunny to lose to Philadelphia

Adam Laskaris
February 20 2016 10:32PM

Tonight, the Leafs hosted the Philadelphia Flyers in a nine-goal, torrid affair.

Picking up one more point than management probably would've appreciated as they fell in 5-4 overtime, the Leafs continued the trend of a decent possession game met with an L on the scoresheet. 

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Frank Corrado is doing everything he should to work his way into the Leafs' future

Adam Laskaris
February 16 2016 12:43PM

The above tweet currently sits pinned at the top of Frank Corrado's twitter profile. It was posted the same day the Vancouver Canucks placed the defenceman on waivers. 

Corrado’s move to the Leafs over the next 24 hours wasn't really an overly notable one in the grand scheme of things in the NHL. A 2011 5th round pick claimed off waivers from Vancouver, it was perhaps surprising why Vancouver waived him in the first place, but still far from a blockbuster move. Floating between the Marlies and Leafs lineups as well as frequent nights in the Air Canada Centre press box as a healthy scratch, Corrado sat in limbo for the early part of his Leafs' career. 

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TLN Postgame: C7-2cago

Adam Laskaris
February 15 2016 09:28PM

Chicago scored 7 and the Leafs scored 2. In a stinky season, you're going to have a few stinkers. And this one smelled baaaaaaaad. The result or even the scoreline wasn't surprising per se, but the path was a little wonky.

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Elliotte Friedman: Leafs to Host Outdoor Game on New Year's Day 2017, Red Wings likely opponent

Adam Laskaris
February 13 2016 07:31PM

It sounds like Toronto's going to be a busy place in the holiday season of 2016-17. While hosting the Canadian group of the 2017 World Juniors in the round robin, another piece of news dropped today about the Leafs organization's second-ever outdoor game, and first at home. 

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LGD: Hello, BC!

Adam Laskaris
February 13 2016 12:02PM

Six years ago today, the Canadian national men's ice hockey team were just three days away from their opening game against the Norwegians in the Vancouver Olympics.

Today, a much worse Canadian hockey team in the Toronto Maple Leafs makes their way to that same arena, as the Leafs take on the hometown Canucks to face their third Western Canadian opponent in a row.

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