Hiring Randy Carlyle is a hilariously bad move for the Ducks

Ryan Hobart
June 14 2016 10:00AM

Above we can see where Randy Carlyle strikes a deal with Trevor Linden 
to help him succeed in the Pacific, by tanking the Ducks all over again.

Somehow, yesterday, the Anaheim Ducks decided to hire Randy Carlyle, as announced by John Buccigross:

Carlyle returns to Anaheim after coaching there for 5 years and winning the Stanley Cup on the coattails of a Hall of Fame defense. Since then, he has continued the same ill-advised decision making and tactics, leading to a collapse of that Ducks team, and then a collapse of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

How could this possibly go right for the Ducks?

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Leafs in Pronman's top 30 prospects in the last five years

Ryan Hobart
June 10 2016 11:39AM

Yesterday, Corey Pronman released his Top 30 Draft Prospects of the Past Five Years (ESPN Insider Paywall). I thought it would be good to show you where potential Leafs ended up on this list. 

Technically, everyone who is draft eligible is a potential Maple Leaf so I've included them all in here.

Before we get into it, not that we're breaking it down completely, but it's important to highlight Pronman's thought process here. It's basically to take his opinion of each player before they were drafted, and rank those opinions of players against each other. This prevents players from the 2011 and 2012 drafts from having an advantage due to being so much further on their development paths.

So, if you were to look at the full list, you'll see some guys who were busts in high positions, and that doesn't mean Pronman doesn't realize they were busts. It means he's staying true to the context of this particular ranking.

The problem is, I think, he has over corrected and given recency bias boosts to the 2016 draft eligibles. But that's not important. The important thing is: what does he think about our future Leafs?

The main purpose of including the draft-eligibles is to show you who comes up first on this list, so get ready for it. We kick off with...

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#AfterAuston: Alex DeBrincat

Ryan Hobart
June 10 2016 07:00AM

In today's #AfterAuston session, we're going to talk about highly debated prospect Alex DeBrincat. For most of the season, DeBrincat was a hot topic among draft enthusiasts. He ranged everywhere from out of the 1st round to top 5, and everyone was assertive that that was where he belonged. Nowadays, the conversation on him has cooled dramatically. The people who stand on either extreme of whether "size matters" have largely shifted their focus to Clayton Keller, an equally small and increasingly exciting prospect. 

Where does DeBrincat stand relative to Keller? And what about the rest of the draft class? Why did the opinion on him cool so dramatically?

I'm here to see if I can find answers to those questions.

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#AfterAuston: Rasmus Asplund

Ryan Hobart
June 08 2016 02:06PM

One of the top prospects coming out of Sweden this year, Rasmus Asplund is a significant contender for a pick by the Leafs once they've nabbed Matthews. Asplund is a centerman for Farjestad in the SHL. He will certainly be someone the Leafs take a look at for their late 1st and early 2nd round picks.

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#AfterAuston: Analyzing the 2016 Entry Draft Goalie Class

Ryan Hobart
June 07 2016 01:57PM

This draft season brings a lot of questions for the Maple Leafs. With 12 draft selections at their disposal currently, and the potential to add more, there are a plethora of options for them at this draft.

It's widely noted that one of the organization's biggest areas of weakness is goaltending, both in terms of roster positions and in prospect depth. Our own Ryan Fancey wrote this piece on Carter Hart last week, and I thought it would be best to go a little deeper into the potential goaltender draftees. Scouring the CHL, Europe, Russia, and College hockey leagues, I've come up with several names that the Leafs might look at to bolster their prospect depth at goaltender.

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