How to sleazily acquire Sami Vatanen

Ryan Hobart
May 20 2016 03:33PM

After doing some editing recently for this Shanaplan Debate post on Sami Vatanen, it got me thinking about potential avenues for acquiring him from the Leafs' perspective. When it comes down to it, the Leafs really don't have much in the way of valuable assets that aren't definite key pieces of their long-term future. Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner and James Van Riemsdyk are probably the only three in that category, and I'd be incredibly hesitant to move on from any of those players anytime soon.

So how else do you get Vatanen?

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Which Marlies goaltender should start Game 7?

Ryan Hobart
May 15 2016 06:17AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

In Game 6 against the Albany Devils, the Toronto Marlies decided to continue to run with Antoine Bibeau. Bibeau allowed four goals on 28 shots, causing the Marlies to lose 4-1. This sends the series back to Toronto tied 3-3, with Game 7 on Monday the 16th. 

There's no question a lack of scoring has plagued the Marlies in portions of this series. This was very apparent in Games 1 and 6, where the Marlies were only able to score one goal in each game. This is in contrast to Games Four and Five where they tore off for seven and five goals in those two games. 

The Devils play a trap style defense with a roster of AHL veterans who can shut down the dynamic offense of the Marlies pretty effectively. Because of this, it's imperative that the Marlies get the best goaltending they possibly can. Goals for will be rare, so you have to do everything you can to limit goals against. Is starting Bibeau the way to accomplish that? I'm here to answer that question.

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Zach Hyman's game is the same no matter where he plays

Ryan Hobart
May 08 2016 08:33AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

In Game 2 of the Marlies playoff series against the Albany Devils, Zach Hyman showed up in a big way. He netted two goals, helping the Marlies overcome the early 2-1 lead acquired by the Devils. A lead which they were unable to alter in Game 1.

Earlier in the season, Hyman was introduced to a lot of Leafs fans. Many are already aware he was acquired by the Leafs from the Florida Panthers for former Marlies depth forward Greg McKegg. Hyman had refused to sign in Florida, and as such, the Panthers were forced to move him on the cheap. The Maple Leafs happened to be the beneficiaries of that.

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Why Drafting Patrik Laine 1st Overall is Ridiculous

Ryan Hobart
May 04 2016 08:52AM

Please stop. There's been chatter over social media (and in the actual media) about where Finnish sniper Patrik Laine should be ranked. Given the title, I'm sure you're not surprised to hear me say I don't have him at the top of my draft board.

When the season started, there was only one name that people were really getting excited for, and that was American centerman Auston Matthews. So what's changed?

Well, quite a lot. Even in the context of Matthews and Laine, a lot has happened.

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