The Road to the Outdoor Classic - Episode 4

January 06 2017 08:16PM

mike babcock can smile

Episode four of The Road to the Outdoor Classic is here! It was a cracking game so let’s see what the behind the scenes stuff held for us. Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go.

Let Mike Babcock’s smiling face lead you to a recap and the vid with all the good Leafs stuff.

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The Road to the Outdoor Classic - Episode 3 Review

December 31 2016 08:43AM

auston matthews road to outdoor episode 3

If you didn’t know it, hockey is a connector okay? So like it is a connector of space and time and cities. It is ALSO how players score, by their passes connecting. Wasn’t that so clever of the narrator to use the word “connect” several times to bring us this valuable information?

Here’s the thing, if you’re reading this or have ever talked to anyone about your hobbies or interests you are very aware of what connections can be and how they can be literal or figurative. Sorry, I’m already starting of heated and we haven’t even hit the jump yet.

Here’s the recap of episode three of The Road to the Outdoor Classics and here's Auston Matthews stretching in tiny shorts. Shoutout to Auston not caring about attire and just wanting to get his work in. 

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The Road To The Outdoor Classic - Episode 2 Recap

December 23 2016 11:04PM


We’re back at it again with a recap and rundown of episode two of the EPIX series - The Road To the Outdoor Classics. Episode one was our building of a legend episode. Part two is our human interest section of The Road To. Our gravelly narrator is back at it to remind is all of the legacy of Toronto and decades of passion. So what did the Leafs get up to?

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The Road to the Outdoor Classics: Episode 1

December 18 2016 07:00AM


The NHL is back at it with their outdoor games and series to show the road the teams must traverse literally and metaphorically before New Year’s Day. Let’s take a look at what we got out of episode one and the Maple Leafs.

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These Monsters Don't Mash

October 30 2016 07:00AM

We didn't plan it

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You see, I was all prepared to be writing this post after Halloween. I keep forgetting now we’re extending the Halloween weekend out to combat the calendar suck of Christmas. So the Leafs have a soft opening to get ready for Goth-tober 31st.

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