Auston Matthews Scores Four Goals In Two Periods (And Counting)

October 12 2016 07:09PM


We've been waiting for this. It's a hockey Christmas of sorts. Time for the fresh blood to show us what they've got. Typically, the first day on the job, you just keep your head down and try to make sure no one important notices you mess up too terribly and regret hiring you, and remember the important logins. 

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Your Toronto Maple Leafs Merch Shopping List

October 09 2016 04:53PM


It can be easy to go through the NHL store and find the bad merchandise. In fact, they make it too easy for us. And that’s like swinging at low hanging fruiting while also kicking a dead horse and a broken clock is right twice a day. I’ve long been critical of the merchandise the various teams sign off on because it tends to show a huge disconnect with what we as fans actually want to spend money on. A lot of teams struggle to pin down how they want their brand to look - see the Maple Leafs using so many shades of blue and a plethora of texts and logos often on the same garment.

I do consider progress being made as there are no more pink jerseys plaguing the stores.

After sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of items, let’s look at the apparel that is being done well. And oh hey, the holidays are coming up so hopefully this can make shopping easier!

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Morgan Rielly Gets Some Pop

September 20 2016 01:00PM

morgan rielly pop

The NHL announced they will be teaming up with Funko to produce a line of Pop - those cute little stylized plastic figures because that is apparently easier than making better merchandise for women. The NFL has seen several successful waves of their athletes as Pops so now it is hockey’s turn.

For the Maple Leafs, first up to be immortalized in that blank stare miniature replicate is Morgan Reilly. And honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better candidate.

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Scouting Report: Shopping for Merch on Etsy

July 11 2016 10:07AM

One of the biggest pieces of being a fan of something is means of demonstrating fandom. For Leafs fans it means sifting through tons of shirts in varying shades of blue. No seriously, what are the brand standards here? I see everything from navy to sky blue for official merchandise and something that supremely irks me is when the blues don’t match. You want us to bleed blue but please decide which tone it is.

If you’re looking for something more offbeat from the usual NHL store offerings - I highly recommend diving into Etsy. 

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What's New, Leafs? A Pussycat. Whoa Whoa Whoaaaa.

July 03 2016 04:25PM

#tbt Tempelton at the Mem Cup 😂😂

A photo posted by Kerby Rychel (@krychs) on

Noted cat enthusiast Kerby Rychel joins the Toronto Maple Leafs to bring things to the table. Here’s the thing - I know very little of him other than I had been following him on Instagram just so I could look at pictures of his cat Templeton. And that says A LOT because so much of my life is spent trying to care about my friend’s cats.

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