2016 NHL Awards: A Fashion Post Mortem

June 23 2016 06:59AM

Photo Credit: Joshua Dahl/USA TODAY SPORTS

are we sure Andersen isn't a secret Staal brother? 

Will Arnett is hosting the NHL Awards live from Las Vegas and I think is the only arm (save for Frederik Andersen, who probably still hasn't stepped foot in town yet) of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the room. Our show begins with a bit about Will begging Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel to co-host with him. The show is also making strides to be relevant with all the usage of electronic dance music. They probably just ran around Electric Daisy Carnival yelling "WE NEED MUSIC THE KIDS ARE INTO" and here we are. 

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39 or So Names Sure To Be In The 2033 NHL Draft Pool

May 14 2016 07:00AM

The woes of being a (Leafs) fan means thinking about the big picture/the future/building a dynasty. There's a lot of handwringing over what Toronto will do in the first round of the upcoming draft. This is the chance to make some good moves and cement a new era. But let's look ahead even more - to when column inches are no longer filled with think pieces on millennials and I've maybe clawed out of student debt. Here's a glimpse at what we'll see at the draft in 2033. 

Honestly, this should be made into a bingo card. 

This list was composed by scanning the popular baby names of 2015 and my all around knowledge of pop culture. Let us begin.

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