TLN Player Power Rankings: Opening Roster Edition

Jon Steitzer
October 05 2015 10:21AM

The preseason is over. The roster is set-ish. We are back to a nice clean slate where almost anything is possible (a playoff season falls into the exclusions.) With that fresh start, we're gonna restart the Player Power Rankings this week as well. No "Last Week's Rankings", those were preseason rankings. This is all about the 82 games that matter (again, we'll assume playoffs aren't happen). And our journey starts now on ranking the players who will lead the charge to the draft lottery.

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LGD: Finally the Babcock Has Come Back to Detroit

Jon Steitzer
October 02 2015 09:51AM


Yes it's night everyone in Michigan was waited for. It's their chance to act like they never liked Babcock and that somehow Blashill is going to magically improve their team that has been in slow decline since their last Stanley Cup. I'm sure a big deal will be made of this, and next week an even bigger deal will be made about when Babcock returns for his first regular season game in Detroit and we pretend that this game never happened and watch him awkwardly answer press conference questions about what it feels like to be on the visitor's bench.

Tonight's game is on TSN 4 (Leafs Region) at 7:30 PM. The rest of us are left hoping the Wings do the right thing and put the game up on their team website.

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Jon's Opening Night Roster

Jon Steitzer
September 30 2015 05:00PM


Nothing induces stress like trying to come up with a lineup that makes sense for the Leafs. That’s because the team really isn’t that good. I assume that every night Mike Babcock spends hours driving his car across the border with a trunk full of Oxycontin in an attempt to get out building a lineup that can’t compete in the NHL, but will be highly competitive in the draft lottery.

I like to think that my lineup card is a little less conventional than what others might go with, but that’s largely unlike Mike Babcock; I’ve had years to develop a loathing for many of these players, not just a month and I’m sure you’ll notice who I’ve given up on.

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Should the Leafs Claim Magnus Paajarvi?

Jon Steitzer
September 30 2015 11:47AM

It's not everyday that a former top ten draft pick hits waivers, so Paajarvi's second ride on the waiver wire is certainly noteworthy (He cleared last December). The 24 year old 6'3 Swedish winger has had his challenges, he struggled on a bad Oilers team, and he hasn't been able to earn a place in a very deep Blues top nine forward group, though to be fair, he's been leapfrogged a number of times.

The Leafs on the other hand aren't exactly short on forwards who are huge question marks, and at this point there's no reason to believe that Paajarvi simply needs a change of scenery, so is it a good idea to claim him? I'm going to make the argument that yes they should.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: September 28th, 2015

Jon Steitzer
September 28 2015 09:00AM

Sunday wrapped up with some exciting news. The Leafs cut Devin Setoguchi, and Curtis Glencross and returned Mitch Marner to the London Knights. The add to that, Brad Boyes has officially been made a Maple Leaf for the one time lost cost of $700k. The Leafs are now over halfway through their cuts to get down to the 23 man roster they require. 

If all that isn't enough excitement for you, I finally get to take actual played hockey games into consideration when building these power rankings. That's pretty neat.

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