The Leafs' best trade asset is their cap space

Jon Steitzer
February 11 2016 09:01AM

Truth be told, this is my second time writing this post this week. Monday I drafted up a plea for MLSE to dig into their pockets and realize that their cap space could be their greatest asset in improving the Leafs.

Tuesday essentially nullified my original post because the Leafs did exactly what I suggested they do, and use their current cap space to benefit the Leafs long term. For a short term hit over the next couple of seasons, the Leafs have added a solid prospect, a second round pick, and have rid themselves of the albatross Phaneuf contract.

Clearly there is some merit to treating cap space as an asset, and with plenty of room left to maneuver, I'd certainly hope the Leafs will continue to exploit this asset.

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Report: Colin Greening to Stay On Leafs Roster

Jon Steitzer
February 10 2016 11:22AM

Chris Johnston of Sportsnet is reporting that Colin Greening has joined the Leafs in Edmonton and is practicing with the team. 

The 29-year-old winger is expected to practice with the NHL team in Edmonton on Wednesday afternoon after being acquired from Ottawa in the nine-player Dion Phaneuf blockbuster.

With Lupul, Matthias, Bozak, and van Riemsdyk all out, the Leafs are probably wise to bring in an additional forward and do so without disrupting the Marlies any further.

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Top Five Trade Destinations For Jonathan Bernier

Jon Steitzer
February 10 2016 09:02AM

Now that we've seen a significant contract head out the door, I feel reinvigorated about this series. The Leafs clearly aren't only looking at moving their rentals, they're thinking big picture, and one of those big picture moves could be shipping out Jonathan Bernier.

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Dion Phaneuf and Every Prospect Who Wasn't Going to Pan Out Traded To Ottawa

Jon Steitzer
February 09 2016 09:27AM


This is a lot to take in, let's get going on this.

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Beginning of the End for Joffrey Lupul?

Jon Steitzer
February 09 2016 06:58AM

Hello there. It’s me, your internet friend Jon. You know what I haven’t talked you about in a while that still bothers me to no end?

That’s right, it’s Joffrey Lupul’s contract. That untradeable, unmoveable, buyout resistant mess that Leafs inherited from the all-knowing Brian Burke. The deal where he decided that the guy who was an All-Star while on Phil Kessel’s line and has chronic back issues (amongst various other injuries) needed to be locked up long term and at a price that would require him to repeat his career year well into his mid-30s for it to even remotely pan out.

That’s what I’m writing about again today, but this time with a little less frustration, and little more hope, because maybe, just maybe, there’s an end in sight.

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