A Frenzy of Free Agent Articles

Jon Steitzer
June 30 2015 03:30PM

It’s Free Agency Eve and unlike other years we don’t have to worry about getting Clarkson or Komisarek in our stockings. 

Dammit. Anyway, we here at TLN have put together some #content for you over the past couple of months on Free Agency, possible Leafs on the moves via trades, and of course there’s been the Nation Network countdown of the top free agents available. Now is an excellent time to revisit some favourites while praying to Wendel that Matt Beleskey wants to go to a contender.

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Your Pre-Free Agency Kessel Speculation Roundup

Jon Steitzer
June 30 2015 12:32PM


Kessel trade rumours are a dead horse that keeps on getting beaten. A Kessel trade would be the most important transaction of the summer. As much as I’d love the topic to go away, the second sentence is as equally true as the first, and the day before free agency opens and the entire league shifts into transaction mode, it’s worth touching on potential developments that matter regarding Phillip J. Kessel.

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Detroit Get Their Babcock Fix, Leafs Send Out a Camp Invite

Jon Steitzer
June 30 2015 08:18AM


Ken Holland has a problem. He’s been waking up in the night with cold sweats, invisible bugs are crawling on him constantly that he has to scratch, and at least 20 seconds of every minute he’s thinking about where he’s gonna get his next fix. Ken Holland has a Mike Babcock addiction. Unfortunately for him, it’s become an expensive addition to have, especially if you want pure Mike Babcock, the market is limited and Toronto isn’t selling any of their good stuff. This has left the Red Wings in search of a new supply, and they’ve found the next best thing.

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Should the Leafs be active in Free Agency?

Jon Steitzer
June 29 2015 04:30PM

The say the answer to the headline is almost always no, and in this situation we’ll clear that up immediately, and say that’s correct. The answer is no. Of course, this is assuming the conventional approach, where the Leafs go and throw too much money at a player who has impossible expectations attached to them and will receive more money than God for the next seven years. Yeah, we don’t need another Clarkson, Komisarek, Blake, Finger, or (insert the name of one of the other many of other players this applies to).

That being said, there are two interesting options that make me reconsider completely sitting out the opening of free agency.

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Expectations for Marincin's Next Contract

Jon Steitzer
June 29 2015 01:07PM

I’m not one for sitting around and watching the second day of the draft, since it’s A) often difficult to follow and B) typically falls on a beautiful Saturday in late June, so I am admittedly late to weigh in on anything draft related. Amongst the numerous picks that now give the illusion of the Leafs having a stocked cupboard of prospects, was a beautiful trade where Toronto picked up a 6’4, 23 year old puck moving defenseman for a half eaten Power Bar and a stick of juicy fruit (actually Brad Ross and a 4th round pick, but the value is similar). Marincin comes to Toronto as a RFA, so along with Bernier, Kadri, and Panik, he’ll be one of the few internal contracts the Leafs will need to immediately deal with. And as The Leafs Nation’s resident Edmonton expert, I’m going to attempt to assess what that cost might be.

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