Top Five Trade Destinations For Tyler Bozak

Jon Steitzer
February 02 2016 01:54PM

It’s taken me well into my thirties for me to realize it’s possible that the Leafs can look at Tyler Bozak as an asset around the trade deadline. Reality has set in for me now that Bozak has demonstrated some offensive production away from Phil Kessel and he presently is on pace for his first 50 point season.

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LGD: Wicked Nice Hockey in Beantown

Jon Steitzer
February 02 2016 12:32PM


The good news is that there's actually hockey tonight. The bad news is that's against the leaky medical waste bag that is the Boston Bruins. Why visiting teams aren't allowed to play in hazmat suits when they're in Boston I'll never know.

We can at least take comfort in the fact that the Bruins are barely holding onto their playoff spot, and although tanking is fun, perhaps for just one night being a spoiler could be more fun.

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"Who Own Da Picks?"

Jon Steitzer
February 01 2016 09:01AM

It's the All-Star break. It's awful. Albeit John Scott, Brent Burns, and P.K. Subban did a lot to make it less awful, but not much is happening around the league and we've all had way too much time to spend considering claiming Raffi Torres on waivers.

With a month to go before the trade deadline, and the standings looked in for a few days, today seems like a reasonable time to take a look at who owns which draft pick heading into the trade deadline, and how that may make some teams better trade partners for the rebuilding Leafs.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: One Month to the Trade Deadline Edition

Jon Steitzer
February 01 2016 07:58AM

The Leafs played two games before the All-Star break and lost by a combined total of 6-1. That doesn't give a whole lot of players to positively rank this week. Let's assume Bernier was #1, Kadri was #2, and the rest of the team was tied at 20. 

Instead of just ending the Power Rankings here, we'll do something a little different this week and rank the top ten players the Leafs should be trading by the deadline. Deadline is underlined since there are other Leafs that might be worth moving, but don't necessarily make as much sense as in season deals.

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LGD: Leafs Visit Stamkos In Non-Hockey Market

Jon Steitzer
January 27 2016 12:18PM


The Leafs once again have the opportunity to check in on their future star Steven Stamkos. It's kind of hard with tampering rules and all that, but it's a good chance to see that he's okay and that he's still comfortable with playing in an inferior market in the most backwards state in the union. 

Hopefully, he's focusing on the joy of playing for Mike Babcock, daydreaming about the quality of life he'd be able to have when all of his Toronto-based endorsements come to fruition, and acknowledging the joy he'd feel lifting the Stanley Cup over his head for fans who actually know what the Stanley Cup is.

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