Babcock's Assistant Coach History

Jon Steitzer
May 22 2015 01:00PM

As I hinted to yesterday in my post on Babcock and as Shawn hinted to in his article on the prior day, one of the next big questions is who will Mike Babcock name as his assistant coaches? Will Babcock be making frantic calls to Ken Holland to free up his assistants? Will Paul MacLean see a Brinks truck of MLSE money and telecommunications share pull up in front of his house this morning? As luck would have it, Dan Rosen of wrote an excellent article on Mike Babcock’s assistants, his process, and their successes back in October, and it’s filled with insight and even more optimism. I strongly recommend going to read the whole thing as it has a lot on Babcock’s coaching philosophy as well, but of course, here are the highlights.

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Mike Babcock: The First 24 Hours

Jon Steitzer
May 21 2015 04:00PM

We’re 24 hours into the Babcock era, and it's time to start processing what has happened. The Leafs have once again improved themselves in the best possible way by bringing in a coach whose resume includes significant highlights like a Stanley Cup, another couple of Stanley Cup appearances, and two Olympic Gold Medals. After Ron Wilson taking out ad space in the past few months letting everyone with a microphone know what a lousy time he had in Toronto, the Leafs found someone infinitely more talented than any coach they've had since pre-lockout Pat Quinn to take control of the bench. It may have been money that got the deal done, it may have been the fact that Toronto is certainly a more appealing locale than Detroit, Buffalo, or St. Louis, but as long as part of the reasoning included being up to the challenge of tackling the turnaround of a franchise that has been more of a punchline than hockey team, it's a good sign.

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Leafs Clean House on Marlies Coaching Staff

Jon Steitzer
May 19 2015 12:58PM

With the amount of changes made across the Leafs organization recently it seemed it was just a matter of the Marlies being eliminated from the playoffs before the focus was going to shift in their direction. Today, the expected changes have been announced...

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TLN Player Power Rankings: World Hockey Championship Edition

Jon Steitzer
May 18 2015 09:00AM

If you thought we were done with reviewing actual games played by Leafs players, you are greatly mistaken. May has provided us with the tournament that's second only to the Spengler Cup for "Dear Gord, why is this a thing?" reactions. Of course, Canada one this year, so I'm sure most people are viewing this is as the greatest international tournament outside the Olympics. To them I say "I can't wait until next season when Crosby turns Canada down and Matt Stajan is the first line center." 

Anyway here are the rankings...

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McKenzie: Babcock Sweepstakes a Three Team Race Between Toronto, Buffalo, and Detroit

Jon Steitzer
May 15 2015 09:25AM


In his Friday radio spot on TSN 1260 in Edmonton, Bob McKenzie dropped some of his knowledge on the Babcock situation. Apparently there hasn't been too much interest in speaking to Babcock, and the only teams that have expressed interest are the Sabres and the Maple Leafs. 

"Funny thing has happened here. The Mike Babcock frenzy has been limited to the Sabres and The Maple Leafs. For the time being those are the only teams that approached the Red Wings. Things could change in a minute, and Philadelphia could ask for permission to speak as well."

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