TLN Player Power Rankings: Feb 23, 2015

Jon Steitzer
February 23 2015 04:00PM

Welcome to the column that many readers refer to as "something that will appear every Monday whether we like it or not. It's an exciting week as many of these players could have be traded while I was trying to determine the perfect sentence to reflect on how Stephane Robidas played this week.

Find out how many Leafs have ranked in their final week on the team.

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If the HFBoards Started the Leafs Rebuild

Jon Steitzer
February 20 2015 09:00AM


Last year as the Leafs entered the off season I made the executive decision on behalf of Brendan Shanahan to let Nonis go, and replace him with the HFBoards, the results led to a roster that even Steve Tambellini would be embarrassed by.

That was the HFBoards first time out, and pencils have erasers for a reason. It’s time to hand the Leafs back over to the HFBoards and see what would happen if the HFBoards rebuilt the Leafs.

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Leafs Recall Andrew MacWilliam

Jon Steitzer
February 19 2015 11:45AM

As per Leafs twitter, Toronto has recalled Andrew MacWilliam from the Marlies.

Since emergency recalls can only happen for injuries that means one of Rielly, Holzer, Robidas, Gardiner, Polak or Granberg are potentially too banged up to play tomorrow and MacWilliam will make his NHL debut.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: Feb 16, 2015

Jon Steitzer
February 16 2015 06:51AM

There's an old saying, "GMs will make trades as soon as you've written your first draft of player power rankings for the week." That might not be a common saying, but I'm sure it will apply here next week as well. I will forgive the Leafs because it has brought us what we need most, an excuse to post hilarious Jokinen photos until he's inevitability dealt for a late round pick.

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Dreger On the Probability of Which Leafs Get Traded

Jon Steitzer
February 13 2015 12:51PM

Almost seamlessly we move from Friedman’s Leaf thoughts into Darren Dreger’s with the weekly Dreger Report.  Dreger has a lot on the possibility of Antoine Vermette wanting to stay put, which certainly would impact the Bozak rumours that Friedman touched on.

Most importantly, Dreger has updated his chart of the probability of which Leafs get moved. The most notable riser is (unexpectedly) Mike Santorelli, but a couple more names also appear at the bottom of the list. 

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