TCGD: More like American't

Jon Steitzer
December 31 2014 08:13AM


Today is the round robin match that everyone has been waiting for. Team Canada vs. Team Our Parents Immigrated from Canada. As a child of the 80s it seems odd to consider the US as Canada's chief hockey rival, but I can no longer trap myself in 1987 and continue to believe that the Russians are the greatest test for Canada.

This game preview could take the high road and talk about how great the US National Team Development Program is, and how I wish that Hockey Canada had something resembling anything close to that. We could talk about how this game could be a gold medal preview and features the two undefeated teams from Group A and a victory has the high stakes of a much easier path to the medal round, though losing to the Swiss or the Czechs would be unlikely for either of these teams.

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LGD: Don't Pred On Me

Jon Steitzer
November 18 2014 11:32AM

Pekka Rinne will probably win the Vezina.

Filip Forsberg will probably win the Calder.

These are two very good players who are making the Nashville Predators a very good hockey right now. Throw in James Neal who is proving he can still put up a decent number of points without Malkin, Mike Ribiero, who is proving that you don't need to be likeable to be good at hockey, and a very good blueline and the Predators are winning hockey games despite being near the bottom of the league last year. 

The Leafs on the other hand are coming off the most embarrassing loss imaginable, have lost their last two, and most importantly are dealing with Phil Kessel not being liked by the media.

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LGD: Feel Like Malkin Love

Jon Steitzer
November 14 2014 11:09AM


The Leafs are on a three game win streak, they have points in their last four, everyone should be feeling fine. Two goaltenders who both seem capable of handling a 1A workload, secondary scoring no longer an issue, and for the most part, defensive pairings that actually make sense. Life is pretty, pretty good.

Enter the Penguins. The Pens sit a top of their division, albeit the worst division in hockey, but have been on cruise control this year thanks to the leadership of Evgeni Malkin. They've been enjoying the goaltending you get from Marc-Andre Fleury when games aren't a best of seven and Patric Hornqvist has stepped nicely in James Neal's "easiest job in hockey" role nicely.

Tonight the Leafs face the best the Metropolitan Division has to offer, or as they'd be known in the Atlantic, a Wild Card bubble team.

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BozFeed: 17 Too Many Cooks Cast Members Recast With Leafs

Jon Steitzer
November 12 2014 08:00AM


Unless you've been in hiding for the past week you've probably been subjected to the Too Many Cooks video by Adult Swim which lampoons 80s sitcoms. If you have been in hiding, I envy you. Nonetheless, we've been given the short window of opportunity to milk this cultural phenomenon for easy web traffic and that's what we're going to do. Unless you'd really like to see a BozFeed on Leafs paired with Gangam Style reaction Youtube videos, then let me know in the comments. If that's not the case, here are 16 Too Many Cooks cast members recast with Toronto Maple Leafs.

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LGD: The Great Regression

Jon Steitzer
November 06 2014 09:47AM


Tonight the Monsters of Regression face-off once again. The 2013-14 regressors, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the 2014-15 regressors, the Colorado Avalanche. The two teams are eerily similar to the extent that both jettisoned talented centers (Grabovski and Stastny) after their playoff season, and both for some reason thought aging, injured defenseman would be the answer for them this season (Robidas and Stuart). 

Of course the biggest similarity was hot goaltending in front of poor defense, and neither of these teams have done much to remedy that defense issue. That should make tonights game fun to watch and if the two teams combine for less than 70 shots, I'll be shocked.

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