Why the Leafs Trading Down at the Draft is a Good (or Bad) Idea

Jon Steitzer
May 14 2015 04:00PM

There are few notions less popular in Leafs land than the idea of trading down in the draft. Toronto is a team that is starved for high end high skill prospects, and the idea of grabbing an elite talent after suffering through a horrible season offers some consolation. Of course, the draft is still over a month away, and we have plenty of time to consider every possibility so let’s dive into what trading down could look like.

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Maple Leafs Job Fair: Laurence Gilman's Resume

Jon Steitzer
May 13 2015 12:00PM

This applicant may or may not have applied to the Leafs for the GM role. It’s entirely possible that we broke into the Canucks Army office and stole this resume from their applicant pool from last season. Their loss may be our gain as we take a look at the Canucks “master negotiator”.

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Maple Leafs Job Fair- Mike Babcock's resume

Jon Steitzer
May 08 2015 04:00PM

Once we started this series it seemed inevitable that we would come across Mike Babcock’s résumé. He’s the biggest name out there, and will likely test the waters with every willing organization to see if he’s a fit. In his media availability, he outlined some of what he’s looking for in his next gig (or possibly continued gig with Detroit).

Although he stated it’s not about money, it’s always a bit about money.

Although he’s not looking to GM, find me a coach with his record who doesn't want some say on the roster.

And he wants a happy wife, so you can immediately rule out Babcock coaching in Edmonton.

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Maple Leafs Job Fair: Paul MacLean's resume

Jon Steitzer
May 07 2015 08:22AM

Paul MacLean is one of the more interesting candidates for the head coaching job of the Maple Leafs. Not because of his coaching record, not because Bob McKenzie reported that the Leafs asked for permission to speak to him during the season, but because in a world of getting hired based on who you know, Paul MacLean knows the right people.

MacLean is the former of coach of Brendan Shanahan in Detroit, specifically MacLean worked with the forwards and closely with players like Shanahan. His son is the assistant coach of the Soo Greyhounds, having been hired by one Kyle Dubas. We can possibly assume that MacLean, Hunter, and Shanahan all had a beer together at some point or another if Blues Alumni get togethers are a thing, though they all narrowly missed playing together. If we find out Brandon Pridham does MacLean’s taxes, he might be the most connected person outside of this organization.

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Maple Leafs Job Fair - Mike Futa's Resume

Jon Steitzer
May 06 2015 11:06AM

The Leafs have a couple of key vacancies in the Hockey Operations Department, and we here at TLN are committed to helping the Leafs fill those positions. To speed the process along we’ve asked that applicants CC when they forward their resumes to Brendan Shanahan. The first one we’ve received is from Mike Futa, who is applying on the General Manager position.

Futa is a strong candidate for this role in that he’s spent the past 20 years in progressively more significant roles in hockey. He’s quite new to even the right hand man role, but is coming from what is considered a very deep front office which produced Ron Hextall as a new GM last summer. Futa’s experience/inexperience makes him a strong candidate for the committee approach that Brendan Shanahan has been promoting as the new structure of the Leafs front office. His strong drafting record is his greatest strength as the Leafs prepare for the youth movement.

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