TLN Player Power Rankings: November 9, 2015

Jon Steitzer
November 09 2015 08:58AM

After picking up four points in ten games in October, we can now classify the Leafs as red hot now that they've picked up four in the first four games in November. November seems to be the month of choice for underperforming Leafs teams, as last season it was November that gave many of the fear that Carlyle would be the head coach forever. Like last year we can probably rest easy that tank will be rolling again soon enough, but for now it's nice to watch some competitive Leafs hockey while we can.

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LGD: Bawitdaba Da Wings Have No Money

Jon Steitzer
November 06 2015 01:03PM

How many of the Red Wings 10+ free agents can they afford to bring back next year?


It seems like Mike Babcock new the exact right time to go running from Detroit with his bag full of money. Sure the Leafs aren't great at the moment, but they are slowly sinking like the Andrea Doria, As the Blashill era Wings ease themselves into NHL lottery consideration "like an old man into a warm bath" it's worth pausing to reflect on how screwed the Wings really are. 

As usual, Cat Silverman has us covered on what's really worth knowing:

The issue? The Red Wings are only $1.62 million under their long-term injured reserve modified upper limit for the salary cap, and Pavel Datsyuk’s $7.5 million cap hit isn’t a part of that equation.

So while the Wings for tonight may be the better team, let's remember that they are a team that needs to shed almost $6M to bring back their star player. 

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Look at this Stupid Piece of Crap Ring

Jon Steitzer
November 05 2015 03:49PM

Hey hockey fans, with Christmas just around the corner it looks like your good pals at Real Sporps have the perfect thing to get all the Leafs fans on your list...

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Bernier Placed On the Injured Reserve

Jon Steitzer
November 05 2015 10:06AM

The Leafs shuffled some paper today and placed Jonathan Bernier on the Injured Reserve retroactive to November 1st.

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Trading Lupul Won't Be Easy

Jon Steitzer
November 04 2015 06:00AM

Following his two goal performance, twitter was buzzing with the notion that it’s time to trade Lupul now that there’s perceived value.  

Now, I’m willing to grant that a number of these tweets are sarcastic and made in jest, but I feel it’s worth diving into whether or not it’s actually possible to trade Joffrey Lupul for any kind of meaningful return.

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