Friedman On Bozak Rumours and More

Jon Steitzer
February 13 2015 12:12PM

There are few things greater for hockey fans than Elliotte Friedman 30 Thoughts articles when we are within stone’s throw of the trade deadline. With the Leafs being in tank/possible rebuild mode these articles are about the glimpse of hope have that someone may in fact be righting the ship.

On Bozak...

“2. There’s increased chatter around Bozak, as Damien Cox reported last Saturday. As a general rule, the tightened cap has teams nervous about term, and he’s got three years remaining with a $4.2M hit. He’s had a rough year and a change of scenery benefits everyone. What do potential trade partners see in him? If it’s a No. 2 centre, that cap number is reasonable. If a No. 3, it’s high. But this is a move Toronto is trying to make.”

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Filthy Stats: A New Way to Measure Success

Jon Steitzer
February 11 2015 11:00AM

According to Peter Horachek, “The Leafs Give a Shit Meter needs to be higher.” 

While as a proud member of Tank Nation I couldn’t disagree more. I thought I would take a look at what the “give a shit” score was for the Leafs in last night’s game. Once again, I am only happy to provide you with thefanciest of stats in this deep analysis.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: Feb 9, 2015

Jon Steitzer
February 09 2015 07:00AM

Welcome to week 2 of the The Leafs Nation Player Power Rankings. This week we have the hot new feature of showing you what last week's rankings were. This makes these legit power rankings now and worthy of your respect. Sadly, no one has been removed from the power rankings do to a trade, but there's always next week.

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LGD: Brick City Mashin'

Jon Steitzer
February 06 2015 01:30PM

Good evening sports fans. Are you ready for the exciting matchup of the two teams battling to see who can hold the 7.5% lottery odds for the first overall draft pick. 

While the Devils look like strong contenders with their usage of Scott Gomez as a top six center, their tendency to move Steve Bernier up in their line-up and the fact that they will dress Mark Fraser, the Leafs still have to be the heavy favourites.

The Leafs high point of the past four weeks was picking up a point in a shootout loss to these very Devils. Of course now that the Leafs have dropped ten straight we're entering that "they have to win again sometime territory." Odds are tonight against the Devils or tomorrow night against the Oilers are the best bets of when that will happen.

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Bern-ing Cap Space

Jon Steitzer
February 03 2015 04:00PM

Meet Jonathan Bernier. He’s a well mannered 26 year old, who struggles with world history and 140 foot shots. Other than that Jonathan is a pretty swell guy, devilishly handsome and he’s about to get paid.

On the surface this seems pretty straight forward. Bernier is a good goaltender and good goaltenders get paid good money in the NHL. The complication arrives with the fact that the Leafs do not have good money to spend at the moment, and with the Canadian dollar tanking harder than the Sabres, it doesn’t look like relief will coming anytime soon. That could change if some team decides that Clarkson is the missing piece in their Stanley Cup dynasty team, but for now let’s assume money is limited. If you’re so inclined, join me on a winding journey of fuzzy logic on what can be done to address the Toronto Maple Leafs goaltending situation.

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