BozFeed: 11 Maple Leaf Halloween Life Hacks

Jon Steitzer
October 29 2014 07:41AM


Is there anything more fun than Halloween? For the purpose of this post, we don't believe so, that's why The Leafs Nation reached out to our favourite young, elite centre and halloween expert for his tips on the upcoming holiday.

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Jon Steitzer
October 28 2014 12:02PM


Tonight Leafs fans join Sabres fans in rooting for a Toronto win. The Sabres with their league worst goal differential (-18) are coming off an upset of the Sharks and the Leafs are doing their best to forget a shelling at the hands of the Chara-less (but still very good) Bruins.

The Leafs have made some significant changes by shuffling their right wingers around. Kessel moves to the Kadri line, Winnik joins Santorelli and Komarov, while Clarkson will be playing with Bozak. If the Leafs could pull Ryan Hollweg out of retirement to play with Bozak and Clarkson that might be the most hated Leafs line of all time, but somehow I remain optimistic about the changes. I think it’s because James van Riemsdyk is a very good hockey player.

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TLN Roundtable: The Leafs Top Six Forwards

Jon Steitzer
October 24 2014 02:27PM

The Leafs are now 7 games into the 2014-15 and since Phil Kessel has been producing above a point per game pace, that means we need to shift the discussion to if the Leafs are getting enough secondary scoring. 

The Question posed to the roundtable this week was...

"Should the Leafs shake up their top six? How will the lines look?"

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What Would You Do Wednesday- Build a Shutdown Line

Jon Steitzer
October 22 2014 08:33AM

The top competition; who plays against them? That’s been the question that materialized after Zetterberg ran over the Leafs on the weekend. The Leafs did better at controlling John Tavares on Tuesday night. While he did score, it was on the powerplay and holding him to just 3 shots in the game is somewhat of a victory.

Alas, if only there was a community of people who follow the Leafs religiously who could connect the dots and determine the best way of handling other teams top players.

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LGD: Islands in the Stream

Jon Steitzer
October 21 2014 11:22AM

Tonight we have a matchup between two teams who have long been basement dwellers in the league. One of the two teams has been drafting well and was finally ready to make significant moves to push for a playoff spot this season, the other is the Leafs.

We also get our first look at Nikolai Kulemin as the opposition tonight (unfortunately without his loveably crazy BFF), and we can assume he wants to remind Carlyle and Nonis that they shouldn’t have let him go.

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