TLN Player Power Rankings: March 30, 2015

Jon Steitzer
March 30 2015 09:19AM

It's time for everybody's favourite hockey post which ranks the Leafs players from least awful to Zach Sill. Some exciting twists and turns this week that will have you rushing to the water cooler and spittin' hot takes all day.

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Marlies Sign Jack Rodewald of the Moose Jaw Warriors

Jon Steitzer
March 26 2015 09:00AM

In a move that the many of us will overlook or soon forget, the Marlies have signed Jack Rodewald from the Moose Jaw Warriors to an AHL contract.

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LGD: More Like the Minnesota Tame

Jon Steitzer
March 23 2015 11:00AM

A reminder that this is a real thing and is hilarious (photo credit: jdoghooey)

The Maple Leafs of Toronto will be hosting the Wild of Minnesota at the Air Canada Centre this evening and in a season of unwatchable hockey games this may be the most unwatchable. This is because the Wild are a very boring team that no one cares about. To prove this, go up to someone and ask them to name all 30 NHL teams, they'll probably rattle off 29 of them no problem, and sit around for five minutes going "WHO THE HELL AM I FORGETTING?" The answer to that question will also be the Minnesota Wild. Even in Minnesota they barely care, because it's a terrible fan base that finds USHL too fast so they watch high school hockey instead. 

In closing, I cannot say enough good things about Better Call Saul, an excellent Monday night program that is far superior to this game in every way.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: March 23, 2015

Jon Steitzer
March 23 2015 09:00AM

There's only three weeks left in the season. The Leafs need to go 7-2-0 in order to match their worst record in the last 15 years. That record was good enough to have the second overall pick. Times have changed. Now power rankings.

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LGD: Snark Tank

Jon Steitzer
March 19 2015 11:00AM

For the last time this season the Sharks roll into town. That means a couple of things:

1.) Brent Burns and his ol' lady have been thumbin' a ride across this great land of ours, fuelled on nothing but a case of Boones peach wine and a Jethro Tull cassette to get to Toronto.

2.) Since nothing would bring me more joy than seeing the Sharks knock the Jets and Kings out of the playoffs, and to see the Leafs not pick up two points tonight, you can count on a Leafs win. I am sorry for this, but I am destined to not have hockey joy in my life.

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