TLN Player Power Rankings: Future Leafs Edition

Jon Steitzer
May 04 2015 10:58AM

It’s a long way to go before the Leafs are playing hockey again, and that means the occasional Player Power Rankings may have to go off the beaten path, and look at players who aren’t Leafs (yet.) This week I’m looking to the HFBoards to help me out, and here are the Power Rankings of players acquired by the HFBoards for the Leafs.

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End of the Lindstrom Era

Jon Steitzer
May 01 2015 02:24PM

Like so many of us, I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and to see the exodus of Leafs players begin. Today is has started as Joakim Lindstrom has left Toronto so he can go global and take his talents to St. Petersburg SKA of the KHL.

Lindstrom leaves behind a proud legacy as a Leaf. He taught us that you can't just get a late round draft pick for Olli Jokinen, you've got to take back a player that the GM forgot to put on waivers the previous day.

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The Case for Drafting Ivan Provorov

Jon Steitzer
April 30 2015 08:20AM

One of the things about this Making a Case series that we’ve been running on TLN is that it’s been a great opportunity for the writers here to sing the praises of players we’d love to see in the Blue and White. The thing about Provorov is that I’m sure many of us are regarding him as the worst case scenario of this bunch. While he’s certainly not my first choice, or second, or third, or fourth of this group (Friday’s prospect deserves some more consideration than he’s been getting), hopefully I can make enough of a case that in the event he was drafted Toronto can avoid the hysteria we experienced when Morgan Rielly was taken over Filip Forsberg or even better, make the case that the Leafs should move mountains to acquire a second top ten pick.

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Friedman's Thoughts on Leafs

Jon Steitzer
April 29 2015 12:00PM

While the first round of the playoffs were highly entertaining, they have left us with limited Leafs content. To help give us delicious little nuggets to tide us over to the draft, we rely on Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts. So let us give thanks to Uncle Elliotte as he has given us the gift of player, GM, and prospect speculation.

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The U-18 Prospects by the Numbers

Jon Steitzer
April 23 2015 01:19PM

The World Under 18 Tournament is underway in *checks notes* Switzerland. While this tournament lacks the fanfare of the World Juniors it’s a great opportunity to get even more excited about potential draftees using a small sample size. While most of the top North American players are still committed to CHL tournaments, the U-18s give us a chance to learn about those crazy European prospects who we haven’t seen since early January.

After the jump a few U-18 numbers worth knowing about potential 2015 draft prospects before they move onto the semi-finals (featuring a Canada vs. USA game by the way).

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