LGD: El Alamein

Jon Steitzer
April 06 2016 09:10AM

Tonight we are about to enter possibly the most critical tank battle of the season, as the Leafs take on the Blue Jackets in the final home game of the season. Toronto might feel compelled to win their final game in front of a home crowd, but I assure you that's a bad idea. 

A loss tonight guarantees that the Leafs cannot pass Columbus in the standings. That would officially lock Toronto into being no better than 29th overall in the league, having a 13.5% shot at the draft lottery, and a guarantee of drafting in the top 5. 

Add to that, the Oilers are playing their final ever game at Rexall Place tonight against the slumping Canucks. A win for them would temporarily put the Leafs into possession of 30th in the league and give Toronto a shot having a 20% shot at Auston Matthews. 

The stakes are high, and it seems like a Leafs win is imminent.

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Nazem Kadri Suspended For Four Games (Rest of Season)

Jon Steitzer
April 04 2016 10:17AM

When Kadri crosschecked Luke Glendening in a retaliatory act on Saturday night there was a good chance he was going to be looking at a suspension. Kadri being a repeat offender certainly seemed to guarantee it wouldn't be a short suspension either. Now we officially know the damage...

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TLN Power Rankings: April 4, 2016

Jon Steitzer
April 04 2016 09:17AM

It's one week until the season wraps up and I'll be spending it contemplating who I am cheering for. In the regular season I am cheering for the Flyers so that one of Boston or Detroit winds up missing the playoffs, bu I have little interest in cheering for them after that. I like a lot of the players on the Islanders, so that's an easy fit. And San Jose is pretty much in the same boat, with the added bonus of I can slide into my usual habit of complaining about Spaling and Polak's ice time. Now that Pittsburgh's clinched us our first, I'm pretty much rooting for their quick exit and as many upsets as possible so that pick can move higher and higher in the draft order.

Now, the second last power rankings...

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LGD: Mike Harrington Is Sad Online

Jon Steitzer
March 31 2016 10:55AM


The world certainly hasn't been fair to ol' Mike Harrington, the protector of Buffalo Sports. 

First he didn't get Connor McDavid as promised and after a short tantrum, has happily proclaimed Jack Eichel the greatest hockey player there ever was. 

Next, he was sure that Mike Babcock was on his way to Buffalo, and after a large public meltdown in two countries in as many days, he's now sure that Dan Bylsma is the greatest coach of all-time, and not the product of having two generational talents playing their best hockey in the prime of their careers.

Now, Sad Mike is having to deal with the fact that people have questions about nominating Ryan O'Reilly for the Masterton weeks before O'Reilly faces charges on driving his truck into the side of a Tim Hortons while intoxicated. 

Thankfully Mike has solved all that and has declared a rule on the internet that only people in the Buffalo area code can talk about sports in Buffalo. We'll oblige with that, and hand over the bulk of the pregame to Mr. Harrington.

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Four Up and Four Down in a Marlies and Leafs Swap

Jon Steitzer
March 31 2016 08:47AM


The Leafs have called up Tobias Lindberg who will be making his NHL debut. Additionally Andrew Campbell will be making his Leafs debut tonight, and Kasperi Kapanen and T.J. Brennan are returning for another tour of duty. 

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