TLN Player Profiles: W Richard Panik

Jon Steitzer
September 22 2015 07:29AM

Last season Richard Panik thrived in his role of being a cheap, depth winger who could move up and down the lineup as required. This season that role is a bit more competitive as that seems to be the only type of player the Leafs have acquired over the past three months. 

As a player that arrived on the Leafs doorstep via waivers last season, it's likely that Panik understands the importance of putting together a strong showing in training camp, and while he's unlikely to be anything other than a Leaf when the season starts, I'm sure he'd prefer not begin they year on the fourth line or in the press box.

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LGD: Split Squads Vs. Ottawa

Jon Steitzer
September 21 2015 01:00PM

We've reached the next key date in our patient march towards the start of the season. The Leafs first preseason games are tonight, split team matchups against Ottawa. Generally what that means is that Toronto fans will be treated to their most exciting lineup in Toronto and Ottawa will be treated to their more interesting lineup in Kanata. 

For those looking to excited to get their first glimpse of the new look Leafs, the games will be on TSN 4 (Toronto area covering the game in Toronto) and TSN 5 (Ottawa area covering the game in Kanata) both starting at 7:30 PM ET.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: OMG! Pre-Season Starts Tonight Edition

Jon Steitzer
September 21 2015 09:19AM

There are many things I am jerkish about in hockey and tonight we stumble onto another. I spend all summer waiting for the Rookie Tournament, but as soon as it starts I go into my "you don't learn anything from these games" narrative. I feel the same way about the preseason. I don't care if the Leafs win, if Nylander averages two points per game, etc. It pretty much all comes down to what Babcock gets out of this experience, and I'm most interested in seeing what he does with what is arguably the most interesting Leafs roster in over twenty years. 

Last week's power rankings were pretty much limited to who I thought would make up the Leafs opening day roster (assuming they were under contract). This week, to keep the power rankings fresh I've opened them up to be the top twenty players still in Leafs camp. Since 16 players were dropped last night you won't see Ryan Rupert on this list, so I guess I'll have to think of a new number one.

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TLN Player Profiles: F Leo Komarov

Jon Steitzer
September 17 2015 08:00AM

So far 2015 hasn’t been too fun for Leo Komarov. He spent the back half of last season trying to recover from an early December concussion. And his joyride along a Finnish highway stuck him with a $51,000 speeding ticket. You’d think things would have to start improving for Komarov at some point.

The 2015-16 is a clean slate, but not one without new challenges. As a bottom six winger, Komarov has to establish a foothold in a lineup that seems to be entirely built of bottom six wingers, and without a coach or GM with ties to him, it should be a high pressure training camp for Uncle Leo

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Tyler Bozak and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Training Camp

Jon Steitzer
September 15 2015 09:52AM


In an attempt to expand our readership to include younger Leafs fans we've decided to add a story time feature to The Leafs Nation. So grab some arrowroot cookies and a sippy cup of juice and share in the adventures of Tyler Bozak's first Leafs training camp without Phil Kessel.

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