Leafs Prospect Stephen Desrocher Traded to Kingston

Jon Steitzer
November 03 2015 10:12AM

You all remember Stephen Desrocher right? He's the overager the Leafs drafted in the sixth round. He plays defense. He won the Memorial Cup with Oshawa last year. Well, now he's on the move to Kingston and that's probably a good thing.

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Friedman's Thoughts on the Leafs

Jon Steitzer
November 03 2015 09:50AM

It’s Tuesday morning and getting through the work week seems next to impossible. That’s when Elliotte Friedman drops his 30 Thoughts and changes everything and suddenly we have a brief moment of bliss that should hopefully tide us over until lunch.

After a few weeks of being light on the Leafs, there wasn’t any shortage of Leafs content this week.

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How do Babcock's 1st 10 games as Leafs coach stack up against Wilson, Carlyle and Horachek?

Jon Steitzer
November 03 2015 08:40AM

Mike Babcock’s first ten games as a Leafs Head Coach will hopefully be his most forgettable games as a Leafs Head Coach. Expecting a winning record would have been a tall order, not really a desired outcome considering the desire for another high draft pick or two, but one win still hurts.

Looking back at the past few coaches to come through Toronto, rocky starts aren’t out of the ordinary, and arguably the only other coach who had to deal with being part of a total teardown was Peter Horachek. Hopefully there are some worthwhile takeaways from looking back at the results of the previous coaches in comforting us that Babcock era isn’t off to a horrible start.

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LGD: Time to Star-t Winning

Jon Steitzer
November 02 2015 11:13AM


Tonight a team with one win in a month of hockey will play a team with only two losses in a month of hockey. The good news is it's a new month so anything can happen. And while anything could happen there's probably a good chance that what will happen is Dallas will continue to be good and the Leafs will continue to be bad. 

The other good news is that Dallas is a very exciting team to watch, and after everyone predicted big things for them last season, we all finally get to see them deliver on them a season later, and smugly feel good that we were eventually right. 

The bad news is that Dallas being exciting really doesn't help anyone who finds a potential seven game losing streak to be a little embarrassing even for a team that's rebuilding.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: Halloween Edition

Jon Steitzer
November 02 2015 09:07AM

Okay, there will be several points this season where it will be next to impossible to say positive things about the Leafs and say nice things about some of them. I'm gonna say a week that saw three losses, gave them a total of six losses in a row, and caused them to finish the month 1-7-2 is a worthwhile first time to say, "no, no way in hell, it can't be done, I'm sitting this week out."

Thankfully my breaking point coincided with Halloween, so we've been #blessed with a number of great social media pictures of the Leafs out enjoying life while they bravely soldier on to the top of the draft lottery standings. 

This week I give you the Leafs Halloween Costume Power Rankings

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