Passion, Honour and the Pittsburgh Penguins

The '67 Sound
April 17 2012 09:03AM



I was listening this morning, as I often do, to Justin Bourne and Rob Pizzo discussing the events of this past Sunday on their thoroughly entertaining podcast. Both of them agreed that while many of the individual incidents were unfortunate, they enjoyed the game as a whole. The word that kept popping up was "passion". Justin even joked that they had probably used the word "passion" thirty times on the podcast.

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Boston, the Worst Sports City in America

The '67 Sound
September 27 2011 10:42AM



Leafs Nation responds to Grantland's Stephen Marche . By '67 Sound, concept courtesy Danny Gray.

Dateline: Boston, September 27, 2001. As another fruitless baseball season draws to a close, Hub fans, it's time to face the sad reality: Boston is the worst sports city in America.

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Leafs Possession Numbers - Defence

The '67 Sound
August 03 2011 10:08AM



Yesterday, we looked at the Leafs forwards results from the perspecitve of possession metrics. Today we continue that investigation, this time with an eye to the Leafs blueline.

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Leafs Possession Numbers - Forwards

The '67 Sound
August 02 2011 12:01PM


Barring any unexpected trades, it now appears that the Leafs roster is largely set. The question then becomes what we can reasonably expect from this team.

The short answer is "it depends on the goaltending". If the Bruins and Leafs had swapped goaltending last year, the Leafs would not have been Cup contenders and the Bruins probably would not have missed the playoffs, but there is a fair chance the Leafs would have passed the Bruins in the standings. Goaltending is that important, and the Leafs' fortunes will rise or fall in significant part on the performance of James Reimer.

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Do Goons Help Win Games?

The '67 Sound
July 20 2011 03:10PM



If there is one place where the Leafs enjoy some measure of depth, it is among fourth liners. Mike Brown, Philippe Dupuis, Darryl Boyce, Mike Zigomanis, Joey Crabb, Colton Orr and Jay Rosehill all played at the NHL level last year. Though one might expect this logjam to create uncertainty, if there is one article of faith (or perhaps resigned acceptance) among Leafs fans, it is that one of the three fourth line spots will be reserved for Colton Orr.

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