Maple Leafs Penalty-Kill

Gus Katsaros
March 06 2013 11:41AM

The Leafs penalty kill has improved, sitting at the halfway mark, 15th (heading into the game versus the Devils) after sitting at the bottom of the league for the past few seasons.

They moved up a tick to 14th, the upper half of the NHL, 82.7% after blanking the Devils on four opportunities Monday night.
It’s a little strange to see them in the middle of the pack. They have played the 14th most minutes down a man at 127:43.   At home, they have played the fifth least minutes (52:52) and 19th on the road.
The improvement on the penalty kill is vital to success this season. Better defensive efforts at even-strength limit the effects being afraid to take a penalty that would likely lead to a goal against. They started off fairly well climbing to as high as sixth before dropping to 27th two weeks into the season before bouncing back to the mid-mark.

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Marlies: Joe Colborne Revisited

Gus Katsaros
March 01 2013 01:58PM

I’m not going to get into the individual breakdown of skills here for Colborne, I gave my thoughts as to what kind of player he was and how getting to the net. I pointed out in that post about the range in which Colborne was expected to develop.

As it stands now, if the Leafs are rolling with the ‘x’ first line center, Grabovski, Kadri down the middle on the first three lines, there’s not a likely spot on the parent club for Colborne. At this point, it’s likely that he is being groomed for a lower roster spot that ex-GM Brian Burke alluded to when he pointed out a ‘Steckel-like’ development.

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Toronto Marlies Makeshift PDO

Gus Katsaros
February 26 2013 01:45PM

A great disadvantage of doing statistical analysis on leagues outside of the NHL is utter lack of detailed information available to further enhance analysis. Cam, among others – have made this point.

Something as easy as PDO can be tracked to quantify momentum, however, the American Hockey league doesn’t differentiate shots on game sheets on special teams or at even strength.

At least, not publicly, which is a shame. I would assume teams do this on an individual club basis, but that is proprietary and I can understand why any data is kept under lock and key. I won’t let this degenerate into a rant on circumstances beyond my control, instead  I tried to maximize the available data with a little rejigging.

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Leafs Asset Management and Ryan O'Reilly

Gus Katsaros
February 24 2013 02:08PM

Fans of a lot of different NHL clubs claim their team could use Ryan O’Reilly the most. I think the Toronto Maple Leafs are at the top of that list. ROR in this instance means more than just rate of return. It’s a potential perfect fit. I believe he is the most logical fit between Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul.

Rob Vollman did the statistical breakdown for the restricted free agent so there’s no point in duplicating the work but it’s a good overall look.

This is Ryan O’Reilly’s writeup as it appeared in the McKeen’s Hockey Yearbook:

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Leafs Vs Panthers Talk Through

Gus Katsaros
February 19 2013 10:01AM

(Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/NHLInteractive)

I wanted to try something a little different, so this is a bit of an experiment. It didn’t turn out as well as I thought, but it’s a start and may end up leading to better analysis in the long run so bear with me.

I've been playing around with voice to text software, in an effort to make notes easier and especially to take advantage so I don't have to take my eyes off the game. What I tried to do here is just talk my way through last night's Leafs and Panthers game. I’ve restricted edits to spelling mistakes and player names. One element I do regret is not pointing out the time of these thoughts. That may be the next step.

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