The Joe Colborne Conundrum

Gus Katsaros
December 04 2012 07:33AM

Let’s start this by establishing boundaries. Just what kind of player did the Leafs acquire in Joe Colborne?

At the  2:15-2:55 point of the press conference announcing the trade that sent Tomas Kaberle to Boston for Colborne and a first round pick, Brian Burke makes this statement about newly acquired Joe Colborne.

“Meets our criteria of assets that are close, not guys that’ll take three years to get there.”

That press conference took place in February 2011. The wrist injury affected his progress and timelines need to be adjusted. – even with the lockout. Recovery time would spill into the 2012-13 season, so there’s a distinct possibility that Colborne is playing through an injury, either the wrist, or something else.

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Mediocre Marlies November

Gus Katsaros
November 30 2012 06:29AM

Coach Dallas Eakins spoke about the annual extended November road trip in a recent interview after practice setting up a three games in three nights stretch to close off a mixed month of results.

November is typically when the Marlies embark on what in essence becomes a month long road trip, living out of a suitcase as Ricoh Coliseum transforms to accomodate horses and pigs during the Royal Winter Fair. Marlies coach spoke about the consequences of being on the road for such long stretches.

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Leafs Shooting Percentage in 10-Game Segments

Gus Katsaros
November 27 2012 08:17AM

Finishing off the series of 10-game segments is a look at individual shooting percentage during each set. The data was generated through scripts and represesnt even-strength on-ice shooting percentage. That's the combined shooting rate for every player on the ice at even strength.

The numbers represents the team shooting percentage while the player was on the ice.

The other pieces are here and here.

Granted, these are all small sample sizes to assess any overall trend, but can be isolated as comparables amongst team members as indications of contributions over these specific periods of time.

Goaltending woes required some hot shooting and timely scoring to enhance any modicum of success. After a hot start, the sticks cooled off with a variety of different players taking starring roles during each segment.

Let’s get to the charts.

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Morgan Rielly: Calm in Chaos

Gus Katsaros
November 13 2012 10:49AM

With the Subway Super Series turning its attention to the Western Hockey League, Leafs fans get to see two games of Morgan Rielly, their first round pick in 2012 (5th overall) in a game amongst his peers.

Before Leafs Nation checks out their skilled blueliner in action amongst the best of the West versus the Russians, Cam had found this Rielly video in a game against the Calgary Hitmen and we are going to break down what he brings in a regular season uniform.

First the video (after the jump, courtesy backrowcornerseat)

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Leafs in 10-Game Segments

Gus Katsaros
November 08 2012 11:09AM

I scoured through some of the Leafs schedule when I was looking at the worst penalty minute stretch. It started to look like a hint of something a little different. I started thinking about the breakdown in season segments and how the Leafs performed over 10-game segments. How did the Leafs do at even strength?

Using scripts I dissected the Leafs schedule into eight separate segments of ten games, *although I added the last two regular season games to the eighth segment since a two-game sample is just ludicrous*. I wanted to isolate the two components of interest, shooting percentage and save percentage.

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