#SEAofBLUE 24/7 After Show: Episode 1

Steve Dangle
December 16 2013 08:22AM

Episode one of the Leafs-Wings 24/7 series aired in Canada last night!

I hosted a mini aftershow of sorts on the Leafs' official YouTube channel with my podcast buddies Adam Wylde and Producer Chris. Almond butter and bubble hockey for everybody!

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - December 15, 2013 - Flying Dutchman

Steve Dangle
December 15 2013 05:16PM

On this episode, the Leafs and Canucks completely kicked ass so everybody's pretty happy. CHRIS MANAGED TO MAKE EVERYBODY WANNA FIGHT ANYWAY.

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LFR - Game 34 - Christmas Miracle - Chi 3, Tor 7

Steve Dangle
December 15 2013 01:21PM

Oh my wow that actually happened! I love Peter Holland! I love the Leafs! I love everybody!

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David Clarkson suspended 2 games

Steve Dangle
December 14 2013 12:06PM


You kids enjoying Deathcember yet?

David Clarkson has been suspended for two games for his illegal head-check on Vladimir Sobotka. Below is the video from the NHL explaining the suspension. 1,000 fictional bonus points if you can name whose voice that is on the video.

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LFR7 - Game 33 - Singing the Boos - Tor 3, St.L 6

Steve Dangle
December 13 2013 01:54PM


Missouri loves company. The hockey gods hate the Leafs.

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