LFR6 - Game 8 - Shutout Snores - Bos 1, Tor 0

Steve Dangle
February 03 2013 12:01PM

It's better than losing 8-0, right?

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LFR6 - Game 7 - Frat Out Clutch

Steve Dangle
January 31 2013 11:02PM


 No goals from Kessel? No problem!

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Optimus Reim & Scribbles

Steve Dangle
January 31 2013 12:56PM

It's the summer of 2011. July 9th, specifically.

I was basically unemployed after working what you could call my "rookie season" in hockey at Leafs TV. I had done some really cool things up until that point; going to the World Juniors in both Saskatoon and Buffalo, the Vancouver Olympics, but this was my first hockey season after graduating, and first with consistent work. Once the season ended, that work was gone.

While most of my friends were working at their jobs, I did what most unemployed losers do and went to the local coffee shop by myself. Mr. Beans in East Scarborough off of Port Union road.

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LFR6 - Game 6 - Frattin's OT Stunner

Steve Dangle
January 30 2013 01:58PM

You know what's nice? Talking about wins!

In one second, Matt Frattin turns one point for the Leafs into two. How about Franson? Kadri? Komarov? Brown's hit and fight? Watch! 

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LFR6 - Game 5 - Three-Headed Monster

Steve Dangle
January 27 2013 01:07PM


 The Rangers expose some serious problems on the Leafs by totally out-classing them. Only five games in, but what now?

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