Marlies Sign Paul Ranger

Steve Dangle
August 20 2012 09:21PM

A source I trust has confirmed the rumours that former Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman Paul Ranger has signed with the Toronto Marlies.

Over the last few days, several reports have come out that Ranger had signed an AHL deal in Toronto. If true, Ranger will be set to play his first professional hockey since his 8 games with Tampa Bay during the 2009-10 season before taking a mysterious leave of absense that left many Lightning fans scratching their heads.

Ranger was a restricted free agent with the Lightning at the time he left the team due to "personal issues."

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JVR: From a Flyers Perspective

Steve Dangle
August 09 2012 06:04AM

When the Leafs traded Luke Schenn to the Flyers for James van Riemsdyk, a Flyers fan asked me for my thoughts. I gave them. Doing Leafs videos for the last few seasons, I've obviously seen quite a bit of Luke Schenn. I even interviewed the guy a few times. Since getting drafted in 2008, we saw him at his best, and his worst.

James van Riemsdyk on the other hand? I have to admit, I haven't watched JVR play very much, and whenever I get asked about how he'll improve the Leafs' lineup, I'm not sure what to say. That very same guy who tweeted me however, Jordan Kuhns, happens to have quite the in-depth opinion about James van Riemsdyk. 

Jordan (aka @jckuhns) was kind enough to give TLN a writeup on his thoughts regardings JVR. Jordan's young, but has been working in sports for several years now, including a gig as a video production intern for the Leafs' ECHL affiliate Reading Royals.

Now let's look at James van Rimesdyk:

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A Midsummer Night's Theory

Steve Dangle
July 31 2012 12:12AM

Alright, work with me here...

This isn't a trade rumour. This isn't me having a “sources say” or a #CONFIRMED moment. This is just a theory I have about the Leafs' plans heading into 2012-13.

Leafs fans have been uneasily waiting this summer while the team has done very little to a roster that fell off the face of the earth this past February.

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Centre of Confusion

Steve Dangle
July 26 2012 06:42AM

It's late July, and I'm a very bored hockey nut. Today I did what I always do around this time of year: Bust out a pencil and try to figure out what the Leafs' opening night lineup is going to be.

I am now thoroughly confused.

Unless I'm missing something, or unless the Leafs still have a trade up their sleeve, this is going to be one weird-looking Leafs lineup in October.

Here's how the process went...

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VIDEO POST!!! Yay or Nay for Bernier, Luongo, Reimer

Steve Dangle
July 18 2012 03:02PM

With all the talk surrounding Jonathan Bernier or Roberto Luongo coming to the Maple Leafs, Cam Charron and Steve Dangle teamed up Wednesday morning to shoot a video together to discuss the situation. Among the topics covered were Bernier and Luongo in some depth, along with the unpredictability of goaltenders and why James Reimer has to be the guy in Toronto.

Follow us past the jump for the video.

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