The Steve Dangle Podcast - July 15, 2013 - KHLvalchuk

Steve Dangle
July 14 2013 09:40PM


Hey did you hear Ilya Kovalchuk did a thing? He sure did!

On the new Steve Dangle Podcast, Steve (that's me) and Adam talk about Kovalchuk, Bozak's quotes, Morgan Rielly, and Leo Komarov being my bestie.

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Know a Writer: James Mirtle

Steve Dangle
July 12 2013 10:10AM

Media has never been more accessible. Once an article, video, or sound bite goes online, it is immediately available for the entire world to consume, debate, and scrutinize. The hockey world is no different.

Writers and reporters make a living off of interviewing hockey players and executives. I wanted to switch things up, and interview the reporters instead.

I asked around, and the first volunteer was James Mirtle of the Globe & Mail. Here’s my interview with a man who covers the Leafs’ beat, and is one of the tallest sports writers going.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - July 9, 2013 - #Floodcast

Steve Dangle
July 09 2013 02:16PM


It's a little rain? Steve, Adam, and Chris come together in the middle of the ridiculous Toronto rainstorm to talk about Tyler Seguin's Twitter, the Leafs signings, Luongo playing poker, and some embarrassing stories of their own. 

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Leafs Offseason: Clarkson, Bozak, and iTunes

Steve Dangle
July 08 2013 03:00PM

The Leafs did a bunch of stuff!...I mean, I'm not really sure it was good stuff, but it's stuff, alright!

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - July 4, 2013 - LOUD NOISES!

Steve Dangle
July 04 2013 10:11PM


Steve, Adam, and Chris scream for like 2 hours about the Mikhail Grabovski buyout, Seguin trade, Schneider trade, and the rest of the ongoing insanity that is the post lockout (AGAIN) National Hockey League. Enjoy, and make sure your headphones aren't cranked, or it may kill you.


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