LFR7 - Game 20 - Princess vs. Peasants - Buf 2, Tor 4

Steve Dangle
November 17 2013 02:49PM


JVR goes back to the wing and being awesome, Holland has a nice debut, and John Scott's mad again for some reason. 

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LFR7 - Game 19 - HOLLAND TRADE - Tor 1, Buf 3

Steve Dangle
November 16 2013 03:26PM


Who cares if they lost? THE LEAFS MADE A TRADE!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

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LGD - Game 20: Sabres @ Leafs - OMG PETER HOLLAND

Steve Dangle
November 16 2013 02:13PM

Look at this hottie! And beside him is Peter Holland!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Leafs made a trade today. Leaving the Leafs was Jesse Blacker, a 3rd-rounder in 2014, and a 7th-rounder in 2014. Coming back: Peter Holland and Brad Staubitz.

The newly-acquired and GOOD OL' HOME TOWN KED Holland will be in the lineup for the Leafs tonight.

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Peter Holland draft interview from 2009

Steve Dangle
November 16 2013 09:39AM


Before reading our full analysis of this trade, if I may walk down memory lane...

I wrote for a show called RBC Junior Hockey Magazine hosted by TSN's Gino Reda during the 2008-09 junior hockey season. It was my first ever paid gig in the industry. After having a young projected first rounder by the name of Peter Holland on the show, Peter agreed to be one of the first athletes I had ever interviewed on my YouTube channel.

My questions are cringe-worhty and douche-tacular, but was a much better interviewee than I was an interviewer. Here's my interview with a young, undrafted Peter Holland from the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - November 14, 2013 - "We just suck"

Steve Dangle
November 14 2013 09:35PM


Ohhh baby! We're sleepy!

On this episode, we stumble through the Leafs, Sabres, Oilers, and Chris' lady skills.

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