The Steve Dangle Podcast - April 24, 2014 - Stevil's Advocate

Steve Dangle
April 24 2014 10:18PM

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On this episode, the guys talk about Matt Cooke, Patrick Roy, and for some reason can't avoid the Leafs.

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Playoff LFR: Ugly

Steve Dangle
April 24 2014 10:29AM

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It's that beautiful part of the playoffs where things get ugly.

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Day 7: Habs Advance and Pest Patrol

Steve Dangle
April 23 2014 11:15AM

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Talking about why Brad Marchand rules, the Sharks could win, Philadelphia is brutal, and the Habs pulling off the sweep.

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Playoff LFR: Cooke's Knee & Goalies

Steve Dangle
April 22 2014 12:24PM

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In a night highlighted by awesome goaltending, a Matt Cooke relapse dominates the headlines.

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Playoff LFR: Jaws of Defeat

Steve Dangle
April 21 2014 01:45PM

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The Sharks show some teeth, a controversial call in Montreal, and more!

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