The Steve Dangle Podcast - October 24, 2013 - Come on, pal!

Steve Dangle
October 24 2013 11:12PM


We got another parody accout! This one's got promise!

On this episode, the guys talk about David Clarkson's return, Buffalo's goon situation, and Chris being a swell uncle.

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LFR7 - Game 10 - Philly 3 Cheese Special - Ana 2, Tor 4

Steve Dangle
October 23 2013 10:32AM


Phil Kessel & JVR look mighty good together! I'm pretty sure the Leafs' strategy is a Vine video.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - October 20, 2013 - "Hi, I'm from Edmonton."

Steve Dangle
October 20 2013 05:16PM


We talk about the Leafs coming down to earth, Cameron Diaz, and drinking in Scotland.

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LFR7 - Game 9 - Chicago Fire - Tor 1, Chicago 3

Steve Dangle
October 20 2013 04:47PM

The Blackhawks are good-ish.

Sure Bernier let in a bit of a stinker to start the game, but he was the Leafs' best player by a mile.

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Steve Dangle
October 19 2013 08:52PM


Mike Kostka. Mike freaking Kostka. You can't make this stuff up.

Many Leafs fans are pretty aware of how lucky the Leafs were to be 6-2-0 heading into this game, but there was still the stubborn group that said the Leafs are awesome no matter what. Hell, even Randy Carlyle said if they keep playing the way they do they'll get creamed by teams like the Hawks.

Hey guess what? The Blackhawks outshot the Leafs 40-20 and the Leafs lost 3-1. That often happens when the other team doubles your shot total. Carlyle called it. Anybody could have called that. Mike Kostka scoring the game-winner? That's just the universe being a dick.

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