Leo Komarov on the Leafs, KHL, and more

Steve Dangle
September 24 2013 04:31PM


Leo Komarov was a unique addition to the Leafs last season, and this site lucky enough to get a unique opportunity with him.

Tomas Kmec, a young hockey reporter from Slovakia, was recently at a few western conference KHL games, including Lev Prague hosting Leo Komarov's team Dynamo Moscow in the Czech Republic. Tomas approached me last week, offering to interview some KHL players for us at TLN, including Komarov, former Leaf Tim Brent, and former Leaf Ryan O'Byrne. All he asked for was that we give him credit. Please give Tomas a follow. We wouldn't have these interviews without him.

Here's Tomas' interview with Komarov on the Leafs, Mikhail Grabovski, Randy Carlyle, Dallas Eakins, and more.

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Aftermath: The Leafs-Sabres Brawl

Steve Dangle
September 23 2013 12:40PM


Oh man.

The day after the big Leafs-Sabres brawl, there's a lot of fallout, and a lot of opinions.

Should Kessel have slashed that big dumb guy Brad Pitt killed at the beginning of Troy John Scott? Is Davis Clarkson getting a 10-game suspension? Is Bernier awesome for beating up Ryan Miller? Are you still reading this? Watch the video!

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Steve Dangle Podcast - September 22 2013 - "Kaleta is a plug"

Steve Dangle
September 22 2013 08:26PM


Hey guys...

So uh...that Buffalo game got a little out of hand, eh?

Well, we recorded this podcast during that game, and stopped recording an hour before the big incident(s). We still talk about a whole lot of important and funny stuff that you'll love. Breathe it in, because it will probably be the last post that doesn't mention John Scott on this site for a while.

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Leafs-Sabres Satuday Game Thread

Steve Dangle
September 21 2013 02:38PM



This jersey design needed to begin in somebody's head as an idea. From there, they needed to draw it up, and after several drafts, present it to at least a small panel of people, you'd assume. Then enough of them agreed it was good-looking enough to represent their team on the ice, and that fans will buy it. A group of folks, after the abomination that the New York Islanders call a third jersey, went "Hey you what screams attitude? Grey!" How is this even a jersey in the National Hockey League?

*sigh*.........so the Leafs are playing Buffalo tonight.

Here is Toronto's lineup for tonight's game:

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Bobby Baun on life, cancer, and the Leafs

Steve Dangle
September 21 2013 01:29PM


Leaf legend. Four-time Sanley Cup champion. Cancer survivor.

Hardcore Leafs fans know his name right away. 

Bobby Baun is best remembed for his heroics, courage, and perhaps partial insanity in the 1964 Stanley Cup Final against Detroit. After blocking a shot, Baun was stretchered off the ice during the sixth game of the series, only to return to action later in the game and score the overtime-winner. That goal forced a seventh game which Baun played in and the Leafs won, securing their third consecutive Stanley Cup. It was later revealed that Baun had broken his leg in game six.

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