The Steve Dangle Podcast - February 23, 2014 - Gold!!! (actually this time)

Steve Dangle
February 23 2014 08:04PM

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On this episode, the guys talk about Canada's big gold medal win, the Olympics, and Steve's "almost got arrested" Vancouver stories.

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CFR - Canada beats USA, takes on Sweden in Gold Medal Game

Steve Dangle
February 21 2014 09:06PM

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CANADA BEATS THE STATES! Time to celebrate?
NO!!! Not until Canada gets what it came for.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - February 21, 2014 - Golden Girls and Mad Mike

Steve Dangle
February 21 2014 12:55AM


"Ah, what can you do, eh?"

On this episode, Steve is the worst Canadian, loves women, and hates Mike Milbury for no good reason.

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CFR - Canada BARELY beats Latvia

Steve Dangle
February 19 2014 11:38PM


So who's excited to take on the States???

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CFR - Doughnuts, Oshie, and No more Noora

Steve Dangle
February 17 2014 10:08PM

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Let's change it up!
I talk about Canada's win vs. Finland, that wicked Russia-USA game, and the future of Women's Hockey.

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