Eric Johnson
December 13 2010 11:59AM

With 3 big wins in the past 8 days for the Blue and White, including beating the hated Habs and coming from behind to beat the surprisingly flailing Washington Capitals, the Leafs are actually building some positive momentum. These wins correspond with the return of the heavy browed Captain my Captain Dion Phaneuf.

Playing big minutes and a calming force on the back end, it’s clear he has a huge impact on this young team and at only 25 himself is proving his value.

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Die Hards v Band Wagon

Eric Johnson
November 30 2010 03:25PM

Consider the bandwagon jumping Leafs fan. They come out en masse every spring for playoff time or can be spied in lesser numbers after a 4 game win streak. With their "suits," "ties" and "actual girlfriends," they strut into the bar and spew what ever regurgitated stats they can remember and claim to have spotted the raw talent of “Blankity Blank” since ‘Blank’ first laced up their "ice blade thingies."

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Eric Johnson
October 18 2010 03:59PM

So, who saw this start to the 2010-11 Season coming? A great big nobody that’s who.

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