Headlines: Leafs looking at Sheahan ahead of trade deadline

Ryan Fancey
February 25 2017 07:17PM

Tonight was the last Hockey Night in Canada broadcast before Wednesday's trade deadline, so there's no surprise the rumours were being tossed around plenty in the weekly Saturday Headlines segment with Friedman and Kypreos, two of Sportsnet's "insiders" when it comes to this stuff. 

There wasn't much to be shared that hasn't been before, but there is some news to pass along about the Leafs and how they might look to add depth before the deadline passes. According to Kypreos, it looks as though the lines are open with the Red Wings to potentially make that happen.

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A first-rounder for Shattenkirk might not be the end of the world for the Leafs

Ryan Fancey
February 24 2017 09:25AM

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY SPORTS

At this point we've probably all made peace with the fact that the Leafs are unlikely to be an active team on the trade deadline next Wednesday. With how the season has played out, it's tough to place them in the bin of buyers or sellers, so this isn't at all surprising. Chances are we're in for a quiet one this year.

But with that disclaimer out of the way, it's also fair to point out that trades can materialize quite quickly, even ones of the blockbuster variety. Look no further than the nine-player Phaneuf deal from just a year ago.

According to some of the trade chatter swirling, there's still a chance something major can come together for the Leafs in the next week or so, as their interest in Kevin Shattenkirk apparently still exists. And though his price has been reduced to 'rental' status, the current going rate is something that will make most Leafs supporters wary, even with a potential acquisition as exciting as this and the playoffs (maybe even a division win) a real possibility.

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The St. Pats uniforms are back and better than ever

Ryan Fancey
February 21 2017 06:52AM


As one of the original six franchises and one that's been around for a century, the Leafs have obviously had their share of logos and themes over the years. And while most are just iterations of an blue and white maple leaf, there are some from the very early years that are entirely different, like that of the Toronto Arenas or St. Pats. According to a release from the club this morning, the players will wear the latter as a throwback on March 18th, and things will look a little differently than the last time they broke these out. 

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Mike Richards could be an option for Leafs' struggling fourth line

Ryan Fancey
February 20 2017 12:34PM

Photo Credit: Charles Leclaire/USA TODAY SPORTS

Pondering whether or not Mike Richards makes sense for the Leafs almost seems like an annual event, but I have no problem with bringing it up yet again. 

With the trade deadline just over a week away, understandably there hasn't much talk about Toronto doing anything substantial. But when it comes to the bottom of the lineup, plenty of debate has come up over the fourth line in particular, and more specifically the play of Ben Smith. 

As recently as this morning, Chris Johnston of Sportsnet talked about how Brian Boyle could be a target as a substantial upgrade in this regard, something we've covered here as well. But maybe there's a cheaper, easier route to go for the Leafs, a team that's likely cautious of its relatively early success and not keen to sell off any futures at this point. 

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The Leafs and Avs are supposedly linked, but who's really in play?

Ryan Fancey
February 17 2017 11:42AM

Perhaps the biggest story heading into the NHL trade deadline in just twelve days is the way the league appears to be circling the carcass of the Colorado Avalanche like a bunch of vultures. Two major names - Landeskog and Duchene - are apparently in play, and as such, you can expect that duo to dominate coverage until the deadline passes. 

As recently as yesterday, some rumblings started to come about regarding the Leafs and their interest in what the Avs might be selling. Until now we hadn't really heard anything about Toronto being involved in something that big, or much of anything at all. Now they have their names thrown into the hat with most of the league, and those rumours only gained momentum last night with assistant GM Kyle Dubas and head of pro scouting Dave Morrison in Buffalo to see Colorado.

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