Exit Interviews: van Riemsdyk, Michalek, Carrick

Ryan Fancey
April 16 2016 09:41AM

Next up in our exit interviews for the Leafs' 2015-16 season we have players from all over the spectrum, as we take a look at James van Riemsdyk, Milan Michalek, and Connor Carrick.

We'll probably be quick here, as none of these players put in significant time with Toronto this season. But the future of each of these guys with the club needs to be looked at, and of course we still have to rank them under the Smart Glasses Dubas Scale.

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Exit Interviews: Parenteau, Gardiner

Ryan Fancey
April 14 2016 11:53AM

Continuing on with our full review of the Leafs 2015-2016 roster, the next two exit interviews on our list will be P-A Parenteau and Jake Gardiner. As mentioned in the opening piece of this series yesterday, we'll judge these players' performances in the season that was, and try to make a decision on their future with the club. Then, overall, we'll see how they fare in the patented Dubas Ranking System.

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Report: Coyotes interested in Kyle Dubas for general manager

Ryan Fancey
April 12 2016 09:06AM

It was always just a matter of time before we heard of other NHL teams looking into Kyle Dubas as a full-time general manager, and no doubt until he's eventually named to the throne in Toronto we'll continue to do so. 

Now we have our first real culprit, the Arizona Coyotes, as Elliotte Friedman reported this morning that they've looked to gain access to young up-and-comer to replace Don Maloney who was canned just yesterday.

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Was Lou Lamoriello the best GM in the NHL this season?

Ryan Fancey
April 05 2016 12:00PM

When the NHL awards come rolling around in a couple months, there's essentially no chance there'll be talk of any Leafs bringing home hardware. And as a team in the league basement for seven months, nor should they. 

Even when it comes to the late-season additions of young Marlies and their performance, there's no one eligible there for any rookie honours. And looking at the coaching staff, there's no doubt Babcock has done as much as he can with the least amount of talent in the league, but he won't be taking home his first Jack Adams this year by any means. 

But further up the chain there's probably an argument to be made that Lou Lamoriello has had the best season of any general manager this winter. Like the above-mentioned roster and coaching staff, because of the standings he likely isn't about to get any sort of recognition either. But out of all of them, Lou and his front office would be the most deserving. 

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Early signs point to Connor Carrick being a good piece of Leafs' future

Ryan Fancey
March 23 2016 10:06AM

As much as we've enjoyed this late-season version of the Leafs with their new dose of youth, the fact remains that this is a team sitting thirtieth in a league of thirty. Whether this iteration of the roster would operate at that level if given the whole year is probably debatable, but as Mike Babcock has even alluded to recently, you have to be careful about buying too much into this kind of short-term success we've seen in the last week or so.

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