Leafs Roster Preview - Tyler Bozak

Ryan Fancey
September 17 2014 11:23AM


A few weeks ago I wrote that the Leafs should explore trading Tyler Bozak as soon as possible, since his value will likely never be higher than it is right now. It stirred up a conversation similar to one we've had in the past, about his performance with or without Kessel, whether he's a better option than Kadri, all that kind of good stuff. 

The Leafs obviously didn't trade him, so let's just take a look at what he accomplished last season, and how things might play out going forward.

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Leafs Roster Preview - Troy Bodie

Ryan Fancey
September 15 2014 01:04PM

Rolling along with our roster preview, up next we have Troy Bodie. 

Many of us probably didn't know much about Bodie prior to his signing with the Leafs last summer, and the assumption was that his high penalty-minute totals and relationship to Tim Leiweke (father-in-law) meant he was another facepuncher who was simply going to rake in some MLSE dough, and then we'd never hear much else about him. 

It didn't take long for Bodie to prove us wrong and present himself as a serviceable fourth liner. And while he'll still drop the gloves from time to time, he's clearly not a typical enforcer like the team has employed for the past number of years. Bodie can play hockey.

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TLN Roundtable: Should players be up to speed on analytics?

Ryan Fancey
September 12 2014 12:31PM

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While a number of teams have evidently dipped into their analytics budgets this summer, it's almost an understatement to say we were floored by what the Leafs did - bringing in Dubas, buying out the popular site ExtraSkater, and eventually creating what looks to be the heaviest analytics department in the league from an outsider's perspective. Though I don't consider Dubas an "analytics guy" the way he's perceived by some, he certainly is the type of manager that will use all the tools at his disposal, and he's brought in some top-notch resources.

A question that arises from all of this, of course, is how does it all fit together? 

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TLN Top Twenty Leafs Prospects: #2 Matt Finn

Ryan Fancey
September 12 2014 09:51AM

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He's moved up three spots since the 2013 rankings, and coming off a wild season, Guelph Storm defenceman Matt Finn is now our second-ranked prospect in the TLN Top Twenty. 

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Do you even lift?

Ryan Fancey
September 10 2014 12:49PM

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No? Well maybe a better question is, do you even need to?

I was listening to TSN Radio earlier this morning, and the topic of Phil Kessel's apparent lack of marathon running and ab crunches popped up. The guest was former Leaf and noted machine, Gary Roberts. 

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