In defense of George McPhee for Leafs GM

Ryan Fancey
May 22 2015 08:04AM

George McPhee has been in the conversation for the Leafs' general manager opening for a little while now. Linked to both Toronto and Boston, it seems after a year off - following nearly twenty in the big chair for the Capitals - he's looking to get back into the NHL. But folks seem divided on whether he might be a good option in Hogtown, and a lot of that has to do with one trade.

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Bozfeed Presents: Babcock Day in Tweets

Ryan Fancey
May 21 2015 07:36AM


Bozfeed returns!

Let's just get right into this; the Leafs have hired Mike Babcock and the whole story is doing a number on the internet. Babcock will be in Toronto later this morning to be introduced as the thirtieth head coach in the franchise's history, and of course his hiring wasn't without a little drama yesterday. As you may have guessed, twitter was on top of it.

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Report: Leafs out of the running for Babcock

Ryan Fancey
May 19 2015 07:25AM

Over the last 24-hours, the race to acquire Mike Babcock seems to have narrowed to two teams: Buffalo and Detroit. The Leafs remained in the mix, but insiders like Friedman were starting to push them out of contention, based on what they were hearing. This morning TSN's Bob McKenzie basically put the fork in Toronto as a landing spot for the surprisingly not-so-heavily sought after coach.

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Leafs expected to hire Hofford out of London

Ryan Fancey
May 15 2015 07:36AM


It looks like the Leafs will again go to their connection with the London Knights to make another addition to their management team. The team needs to start hiring to replace the staff they cleared out last month, and they already have one name in mind: Lindsay Hofford.

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A brief history of the Leafs' current draft positions

Ryan Fancey
May 14 2015 09:58AM

Last night we found out that, with the elimination of the Capitals, the Leafs will own the 24th pick (from Nashville) in the upcoming draft - which will go along nicely with their big selection in the four spot.

But what are the chances of them hauling out two impact players in the first thirty picks? We can only speculate on who they might pick, but we can also go back and see how other teams have fared in these slots over the last few years.

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