Leafs Postgame: It's a losing streak

Ryan Fancey
December 21 2014 08:08PM

After ripping up the league for the better part of a month, the Leafs tumbled a little this week and tonight were looking to avoid a three-game skid (Bernier says good teams don't even lose two in a row). Unfortunately they were in Chicago on the second half of a back-to-back.

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LGD: It's a trap

Ryan Fancey
December 18 2014 11:14AM

If you've been a follower of the Leafs for a while, you understand three simple rules:

  1. A Toronto-born player from a visiting team will always score a goal in front of family and friends at the ACC.
  2. A former Leaf will do the same, no matter where the game is played.
  3. Mid-week games against the Hurricanes are a f**king trap. Also see: Panthers.

No need to dig into the numbers and prove it, this is true and we all know it. At least the Leafs don't have to worry about the first rule tonight, but if you have Jay McClement in fantasy, make sure he's in the lineup. 

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Leafs waive Kozun

Ryan Fancey
December 17 2014 12:27PM

It was fun watching Kozun go all-out in training camp and force the Leafs, who had finally done away with facepunching lines, into keeping him aboard. But an early-season ankle injury threw things off the rails and now it looks like there simply isn't room for him in a healthy lineup.

Given the way teams have been acting on the waiver wire this season, many aren't expecting Kozun to get claimed by another club, but he's definitely not a lock to clear either. We'll find out at noon tomorrow if he's off to a new city or headed to the Ricoh.

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Gauthier on the bubble for Team Canada

Ryan Fancey
December 17 2014 07:16AM

With a few more cuts on the way for Team Canada ahead of the annual World Junior tournament, Leafs' prospect Frederik Gauthier appears to be a last-minute decision. 

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LGD - Leafs vs. Wings: The Real HockeyTown

Ryan Fancey
December 10 2014 02:34PM

The Leafs enter the second half of a back-to-back this evening with a road game in Detroit, and since their last matchup, the Wings have basically ripped the conference to shreds.

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