Leafs Roster Preview - Dion Phaneuf

Ryan Fancey
September 29 2014 02:30PM

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It's rare to come across an article or television segment these days that doesn't refer to Dion Phaneuf as a "lightning rod", or the Leafs' most polarizing player. While differing opinions of players like Kessel or Bozak usually just pin those who believe in grit and Mimico against the folks who simply value skill, discussing Phaneuf is something different. It gets everyone fired up. Seriously, no one's safe.

The reason for much of this, of course, is that many of us really don't know what to think about the Leafs' captain. League-wide, Phaneuf is arguably the toughest player to get a read on, and given Toronto's coaching woes, and the apparent difficulty that comes with evaluating defencemen through advanced analysis, a lot of times the debates about his value end up going in circles.

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Robidas cleared for contact, five players sent to Marlies

Ryan Fancey
September 27 2014 11:07AM

Robidas was held out of the early part of camp and has yet to play a preseason game. While the defenceman brushed this aside as being a precautionary measure, it was somewhat surprising, and created concern over where he was in his recovery from breaking the same leg twice last season.

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Leafs cut thirteen players

Ryan Fancey
September 25 2014 08:45AM

After the pair of split-squad games last night, the Leafs were expected to reduce their camp roster heavily at some point today. Looks like they've done it.

The list of players cut includes the following: Greg McKegg, David Broll, Connor Brown, Jamie Devane, Carson McMillan, Brady Vail, Brad Ross, Eric Knodel, Andrew MacWilliam, Brendan Mikkelson, Tom Nilsson, Christopher Gibson (goaltender) and Cal Heeter (goaltender). 

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Leafs Postgame - The other one

Ryan Fancey
September 25 2014 07:11AM

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Wednesday evening the Leafs played a pair of split-squad games against the Senators. Two games, happening at the same time, 450 kilometres apart. 

It was a lot to wrap our heads around, but we came through. Find Jeff's recap of the Toronto game right here. 

Over in Ottawa, the Leafs sent a paper-thin lineup to take on guys like Karlsson, Ryan, Turris, and MacArthur. The game went as expected, but on the backs of Carrick and Rielly, the Leafs kept it close to the end. 

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Leafs Postgame - Leafs shut out Flyers, Nylander sets world aflame

Ryan Fancey
September 23 2014 09:13PM

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Tonight was a lot of fun for a preseason game. It was the first chance for us to see William Nylander play in a Leafs uniform, and the hype leading up to the game was something else. I'm not sure if Rielly or Kadri had this much behind them in their first camps, but from the broadcast crew to the hockey twitter crowd, folks were definitely excited. 

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