The dream of trading Bozak lives on

Ryan Fancey
June 29 2015 09:54AM

A section of Leafs fans have been in a little bit of panic over the last couple days because the team hasn't put a lot of its dead weight on planes out of town yet. Most notably, Tyler Bozak still hasn't been moved, and according to Friedman yesterday, there's a decent chance he could stick around.

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3 off-the-board targets for the Leafs in free agency

Ryan Fancey
June 29 2015 08:38AM

"We’ll be active, but we might have a different set of targets than other teams” Brendan Shanahan said over the weekend, when asked about the Leafs' approach to free agency this week. So, who might those targets be? We obviously have no idea yet, but there are some interesting ones out there, especially now.

You've heard of all these players, so they're certainly not "off-the-board" in the typical sense, but with the market opening on Wednesday, we're not dipping into the longstanding lists of unrestricted free agents from any cap site. These guys have only just joined the conversation as potential options for next season, and they should come cheap to any teams looking to pursue them.

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Toronto Picks Andrew Nielsen at 65th Overall

Ryan Fancey
June 27 2015 09:28AM

Screen cap courtesy Global News Lethbridge

The Leafs have selected defenceman Andrew Nielsen from the Lethbridge Hurricanes of the WHL with their 65th overall pick.

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What the fourth overall pick might tell us about Leafs management

Ryan Fancey
June 26 2015 09:06AM

A week ago I wrote about the Leafs' decision over their top pick, and whether that process might be presenting some substantial debate within the front office. It's becoming more and more evident leading up to tonight that the people in that room have their favourites, and the two biggest voices appear to be Mike Babcock and Mark Hunter. 

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Report: Leafs to work out Hanifin today ahead of draft

Ryan Fancey
June 26 2015 07:01AM

We're going to be dropping by with quick hits of news all day leading up to tonight's draft to keep you (and ourselves) up to speed, and why not get things starting with what sounds like important info regarding the fourth overall pick?

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