"Go Leafs Go!" Forever

Ryan Fancey
October 06 2015 03:25PM

The Maple Leafs Forever... from HockeyFilms on Vimeo.

When you're stuck in the news cycle surrounding the Leafs, it's tough to remember how much you enjoy hockey and just being a fan, especially recently. It's nice to get a good reminder of what it's like to have fun watching this club, and we all know there's no shortage of memorable highlights to look back on. [Like, way back] 

As we head into the new season tomorrow night, check out this video from Tim Thompson (or "b0undless") and get a little fired up for the blue and white, in what we hope is the beginning of finally turning the corner.

Admittedly, I almost* shed a tear when it got to the Dougie wrap-around goal.


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Loophole Lou strikes again, Leafs place Robidas on IR

Ryan Fancey
October 06 2015 11:32AM

Yesterday the Leafs apparently informed Stephane Robidas that he wouldn't be in their plans this season, and then he very conveniently became injured, leading to speculation the team would be pushing him to injured reserve to maximize their cap savings instead of sending him off to the Ricoh and only recouping $100K. Today they made things official by placing the 38-year-old on the IR list, and now we have to wonder if he'll stay there for the remainder of a contract that pays him out $3-million in each of the two upcoming seasons.

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Ryan Fancey
October 02 2015 09:45AM

We've done a fair amount of speculating about this Leafs roster and how much Mike Babcock might be able to prop it up, but going on the record with our standings predictions is the last step before the season gets underway on Wednesday.

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Ryan's Opening Night Roster

Ryan Fancey
October 01 2015 04:51PM


"In order for things to get better, the Leafs have to ice rosters like this for a bit. I'm sorry, too." - an apologetic Cat Silverman

Leading up to opening night for the Leafs next Wednesday, we're going to continue to supply everyone with rosters drawn up by each of our writers. It's a painful process when the team is this horrid, and I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But that's what we do here at TLN: suffer through this team so you don't have to (as much).

Yesterday Jon took a stab at creating a potential Leafs lineup, and used a few unconventional moves in doing so, then Cat followed up with her version of the team earlier today. Both had their share of takes. My roster might be the most boring of the bunch, but follow past the jump anyway and tell me how much you hate it.

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TLN Player Profile: D Jake Gardiner

Ryan Fancey
September 30 2015 07:32AM

Jake Gardiner is what most would consider a core player for the Leafs, and what often goes hand-in-hand with that sort of designation these days is a lot of debate over his true value. You see, when a team is as poorly managed and poorly coached as this one has been, it's tough to get a read on how much their success (or in this case, lack thereof) is a product of talent level or the way players are being deployed, what tactics (if any) they're using, and so on. Because of all this, Gardiner is seen as the best defenceman on the team by some, and a liability by others. Heading into this season, he doesn't fit either of those titles.

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