Nonis speaks for the first time since firing

Ryan Fancey
April 24 2015 08:14AM

If you thought Dave Nonis was just going to disappear from all media coverage after being let go by the Leafs, you were wrong. Unlike Ron Wilson, who we can only assume was tucked away in a cabin somewhere drawing up bad hockey plays on his iPad before emerging to join TSN and spit fire at this year's trade deadline, Nonis was ready to talk just a couple weeks after Brendan Shanahan cleared out the ACC.

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McLellan let go by Sharks, could be an option for the Leafs

Ryan Fancey
April 20 2015 11:05AM

This summer has the potential to be one of the busiest in recent years for a lot of NHL clubs, as it's been forecast to include a deep draft and an abundance of options for coaching and management positions in need of filling. After a few teams got things started with personnel changes last week (notably the Leafs and Flyers), a bigger name hit the market today when Todd McLellan and the Sharks decided things just weren't working out

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TLN Roundtable - Why not us?

Ryan Fancey
April 17 2015 08:52AM

There's a 9.5% chance our lives could change tomorrow. No, not our personal lives, but our "sports lives" as Leafs fans could take a massive swing. 

The league is entering what looks to be a franchise-altering draft this summer, and while we know Toronto will at least walk out of it with essentially a "can't-miss" prospect regardless of how the lottery balls tumble, tomorrow they'll know if they'll end up leaving with a Crosby-like talent: Connor McDavid. Generational.

In the past we've written about how moving up would shift the Leafs' rebuild plans and perhaps present management with some tough decisions on a number of current players, so this week we asked our own writers how they believe the organization's approach will deviate with a lottery win. Do the plans for the Leafs' "core" change? And how would it influence the search for a new coach?

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Keeping Dave Nonis around was impossible for Shanahan

Ryan Fancey
April 14 2015 12:18PM

Any time you get two or more people talking about this new rebuild the Leafs are digging in to, you're probably going to hear the word "finally" thrown around a few times. Finally, this team is scorching everything and letting it grow back naturally. Finally, the proper rebuild. The low and slow approach. 

If you believe a team puppet like Darren Dreger, even ex-general manager Nonis himself planned this all along. The whole league could see this had to happen, apparently.

But there was a time in the not-too-distant past where the Leafs didn't really have to rebuild, and they could have gotten away with simply building or re-tooling. If you really think about it, this whole thing isn't as overdue as it's being played up to be, and it likely could have been avoided entirely if not for a stretch of arguably the worst "GM-ing" in modern times.

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McDavid compares himself to Bozak, sets world ablaze

Ryan Fancey
March 28 2015 08:48AM


Connor McDavid is either the worst appraiser of hockey talent this planet has ever seen, or some sort of comedic genius who knows exactly how to send Leafs fans over a cliff. To be honest, the latter seems more probable.

A number of draft-eligible prospects, including McDavid, recently participated in a self-evaluation as part of a questionnaire for CSS rankings, and this happened:

Connor McDavid, C, Erie Otters (OHL) - Who is the NHL player your play would most likely be compared to: "Tyler Bozak because he is a good skater and is more of a pass-first type of guy."

You know, it's probably not too late to just take all the Leafs' lottery balls out of that big machine and light them on fire.

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