McDavid compares himself to Bozak, sets world ablaze

Ryan Fancey
March 28 2015 08:48AM


Connor McDavid is either the worst appraiser of hockey talent this planet has ever seen, or some sort of comedic genius who knows exactly how to send Leafs fans over a cliff. To be honest, the latter seems more probable.

A number of draft-eligible prospects, including McDavid, recently participated in a self-evaluation as part of a questionnaire for CSS rankings, and this happened:

Connor McDavid, C, Erie Otters (OHL) - Who is the NHL player your play would most likely be compared to: "Tyler Bozak because he is a good skater and is more of a pass-first type of guy."

You know, it's probably not too late to just take all the Leafs' lottery balls out of that big machine and light them on fire.

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Kessel, Booth have heated exchange at practice

Ryan Fancey
March 27 2015 10:44AM

It's becoming difficult to keep track of all the ridiculous stories emerging from the Leafs this season, but here's another to add to the list: Phil Kessel and David Booth had to be pulled apart by teammates at this morning's practice.

Please, just give us the strength to get through these last seven games.

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How much of the Leafs' "core" could McDavid keep around?

Ryan Fancey
March 24 2015 03:40PM

Connor McDavid has a decent chance of becoming a Leaf. No really, it's true. He has a better chance of becoming a Sabre, Oiler or Coyote, but this year's draft lottery is a lot different - the chances of winning significantly less weighted toward the true cellar dwellers than in years past. Hell, even the Sharks have a 5% chance of drafting first at this point. 

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Report: Leafs have more suitors for Phaneuf

Ryan Fancey
March 16 2015 02:06PM

NHL general managers are in Florida this week for their annual March meetings to discuss all kinds of important things like 3-on-3 overtime and hockey in Vegas, but with that comes a good amount of media coverage and, of course, trade speculation.

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Friedman: Leafs might pursue Dale Hunter this summer

Ryan Fancey
March 13 2015 09:12AM

It's been a tough week for Nazem Kadri, and it's no surprise that after Brendan Shanahan essentially called him out publicly, people would start to question how the Leafs have him fitting into their long term plans. 

But Kadri is still just a part of an organization up to its neck in uncertainty, and a decision on his future is one of many the team has to make in the next few months. One of the others is, even with Kadri (or whoever) in the fold long term, who is going to coach these guys?

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