The Leafs have a delicate front office situation

Ryan Fancey
August 23 2016 10:00AM

It's probably fair to say this summer has seen a debate arise about how, on the surface, the way the Leafs are operating seems to be making a shift. Their moves are contradictory, not at all like a year ago, and now it feels as though, for the first time under Shanahan's watch, this management team, filled with big voices, is becoming a kitchen with too many cooks.

Maybe others' read on the situation is different, and everyone's entitled to that. But there's a real sense among plenty of folks that it's not all rosy at the top. For that reason, I think it's likely that over the next year or so we'll see some key cogs moving up and others moving on. Such is the business.

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Why are the Leafs scaring off free agents?

Ryan Fancey
August 20 2016 12:54PM

Over the past eighteen months the Leafs have had their share of headline-making moves, no doubt. The biggest was the addition of Babcock on a record-setting coach's contract, then they followed that up with the lower-magnitude but perhaps more shocking hiring of Lamoriello. Let's just get that housekeeping out of the way. 

From there, notable trades happened, they quietly trudged through the season, and then the Auston Matthews lottery was won. It almost started to feel like under this Shanahan-run show, even beyond the high-profile management changes, Toronto was starting to make its own luck. And they still had room to grow quickly, with two free agents out there - both big names in different ways - with major ties to the team.

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Leafs will make their pitch to Vesey today

Ryan Fancey
August 16 2016 09:20AM

Surprising absolutely no one, the Leafs are set to meet with Jimmy Vesey today - the first official day of his free agency. They obviously won't be the only team doing so, and a couple being mentioned today are ones we haven't even heard rumoured to this point.

Vesey Watch is under way. 

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TLN Top Prospects 2016: #14 Carl Grundstrom

Ryan Fancey
August 16 2016 08:10AM


For all the questions and criticism the Leafs received for this summer's draft, one pick that was almost uniformly met with positivity was Carl Grundstrom.

With the pick they received from Washington in the Winnik deal, Toronto looked to their Euro scouts, perhaps more specifically Thommie Bergman, who's unearthed some valuable prospects from the Tre Konor over the years.

Grundstrom comes by way of Sweden's top tier men's league - where he's played the last two years - and that makes him particularly intriguing (and perhaps a little hard to read) compared to some of the other mid-pack prospects on our list. Based on the votes, the TLN group is relatively high on him. 

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TLN Top Prospects 2016: #15 Andrew Nielsen

Ryan Fancey
August 15 2016 07:33AM


If there's a Leafs prospect from the 2015 draft who's driven up expectations and changed minds the most, it's probably Andrew Nielsen. Look no further than the fact he's comfortably cracked our top twenty list for the first time, despite Toronto's prospect depth increasing even further with some notable additions this summer.

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