Get outta town

Ryan Fancey
May 16 2012 09:54AM

I won't lie, this article was brought about by two others I just read this morning: Should the Oilers go after Jordin Tootoo? by Jonathan Willis at Oilers Nation, and Why GMs Overpay for Bottom Six Players by the Leafs Nation's own Danny Gray.

Before you close your browser thinking "this idiot is going to suggest Tootoo to (to to to) the Leafs", don't! I will do no such thing. By the end of the Oilers Nation piece, where Willis pointed out Tootoo's crazy playoff tirade, I was quite positive that I wanted that guy as far away from the Leafs as possible. Not that I really care about players who say dumb things, but Tootoo really seems like a bit of a risk when you don't need to take one for a player of his skill level.

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The right way to manage

Ryan Fancey
May 02 2012 08:37AM

After the hiring of Marc Bergevin as the new general manager in Montreal, and subsequent news that the team could be buying out cap-killer Scott Gomez, the debates over the proper ways to wheel and deal in the NHL are brought to the forefront once again.

The Leafs are always involved in this discussion because 1) We're Leafs fans, and 2) The Leafs have a few cap-killers of their own.

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The dreaded UFA list

Ryan Fancey
April 27 2012 10:41AM

With a lot of negativity aimed at this year's unrestricted free agent crop, you'd think I should name this article with the word "dreadful" instead of dreaded, but considering Burke's UFA track record since joining the Leafs, I've come to fear July 1st, or as he likes to call it: "our draft." 

It isn't entirely on Burke. A lot of signings he's made we've applauded at the time (others we haven't, obviously) and they've turned out to be a nightmare. Either way, we should still panic and hide under a desk every summer.

Scott Cullen of TSN has offered a fairly extensive run-down of the UFA list, with rankings and tidbits about each player set to test the market. It's easy to use capgeek or another resource to get all of this information, as we usually have these guys targeted well in advance, but this list Cullen has pieced together is convenient.

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See ya in October

Ryan Fancey
April 06 2012 08:02AM

Thanks for getting Ron fired, everyone

It was the final NHL game in Toronto this year, and the Leafs didn't disappoint. Well, they sort of did if you're banking on a top five pick - but the team managed to scrape out an overtime win for the crowd that paid at the gate last night. The season will finally clue up on Saturday in Montreal.

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Inside and out

Ryan Fancey
April 03 2012 11:01AM

As long as I've been a Leafs fan, I've yet to see things really spiral out of control the way they have this time around. I wasn't exactly alive for the Ballard years, and in the late 90's (when the team was sort of in reset-mode) I was a kid in junior high. 

For the entirety of my adult life, the Leafs have been dreadful. This season is obviously no different results-wise, but it feels like a lot has changed.

Everything surrounding the team seems in such disarray that it's tough to decide on which issue you're going to touch on when discussing hockey on a given day. Usually you'll find, when logging on to Twitter in the morning, that there's an opinion or quote that fans and analysts are all dipping in to, but now it's as if they're coming on in barrels.

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