New year, same old story

Jim Lang
July 13 2014 10:30AM


Between the end of June and early July a number of teams around the NHL made some significant moves. Whether it was a big trade or a major free agent signing, teams were not shy about making some bold moves to improve their team.

The Leafs were not one of them.

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What now: Dion Phaneuf

Jim Lang
April 17 2014 12:29PM


Beginning next year Dion Phaneuf will take up a cap hit of $7 million dollars a season until the spring of 2021.

Assuming the Leafs don't pull off a miracle and find someone willing to make a deal for him, they have no choice but to work with him. 

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I'm sick of the losing

Jim Lang
April 09 2014 02:29PM


I get why the Leafs Nation is extra pissed off at this year's train wreck.

They just can't take it anymore. They are sick of the losing. They are sick of seeing others teams make the playoffs year after year while the Leafs brass sit around in a board room wondering what the hell went wrong.

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Oh, the humanity!

Jim Lang
March 26 2014 12:43PM


The end of this Leafs season has taken on a real Hindenburg trying to land in Lakehurst, New Jersey feel to it.

Tuesday night the Leafs allowed a staggering 23 shots in the first period as they went on to lose 5-3 to the Blues. There’s no question the Blues are a very good team but that makes it six straight losses for the stumbling Leafs and the Leafs Nation is angry my friends. As if that wasn’t ugly enough all six losses have come in regulation time.

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Crunching Numbers

Jim Lang
March 09 2014 07:26AM


While the Leafs made that far more difficult and stressful then they needed it to be, their over-time win over the Flyers Saturday night accomplished three things. 

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