Maple Leafs release 2016 Rookie Tournament Roster

Jeff Veillette
August 26 2016 08:40AM

We know the Toronto Maple Leafs have an abundance of prospects, but that doesn't mean much until you actually get to see them play hockey in the right sweater. September is usually an opportunity to do just that, as much of the system gets an opportunity to show themselves in an annual rookie tournament hosted in London, Ontario (home of the Lorem Ipsums). 

With that tournament just weeks away, the Leafs have released their roster. It is as follows, via the official site:

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Jhonas Enroth to take place of Lehner at World Cup

Jeff Veillette
August 26 2016 08:21AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are once again putting their footprint on the rest of the hockey world, as Team Sweden announced a change in their roster which will give Leafs fans an opportunity to watch their new backup goalie do backup things at the Air Canada Centre slightly earlier than expected. 

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London Knights something something something

Jeff Veillette
August 25 2016 06:10PM

Photo Credit: Ryan Pyette/USA TODAY SPORTS

The London Knights had a big parade and ceremony to celebrate their absolute steamrolling of junior hockey en route to the 2016 Memorial Cup today. This pertains to the Leafs because the team was led by Mitch Marner, supplemented by JJ Piccinich, and has Mark Hunter influence scrawled all over it. Also, the entire universe revolves the Toronto Maple Leafs, and as such, every story involves them, as was pointed out by a quick-eyed Ryan Pyette on Twitter.

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Leafs approached Kings prospect Nikolai Prokhorkin about coming to the NHL

Jeff Veillette
August 25 2016 01:10PM

It's always a good idea to build up your prospect pool in whichever way you can, even when you've already built up a mass of depth. The Toronto Maple Leafs have shown that in spades over the past two seasons with their stockpiling of draft picks, minor league signings, and trade acquisitions. We even saw them pry Nikita Zaitsev away from the KHL to much fanfare in May, after a year of effort.

On that note, it seems like he wasn't the only target, as Los Angeles Kings prospect Nikolai Prokhorkin explained to a Russian media outlet this week.

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WWYDW: Mesh Assignment

Jeff Veillette
August 24 2016 02:03PM


If yesterday was, for lack of a better word, "say the jarring thing" day at TLN, today is goaltending day. Jhonas Enroth finally let a city exhale earlier this week by signing a long-awaited one year contract, and now he will let us ask today's WWYDW topic...

How many games are they going to be playing these guys?

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