The Leafs' Organizational Depth Chart, as of today

Jeff Veillette
June 28 2016 02:29PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made a lot of moves over the past few days, weeks, months... okay, this organization has been in constant churn since sometime last season. With that considered, I figured that it would make sense to organize the mess into something a bit easier to consume.

Note that all lists are sorted by age, rather than any form of actual rankings.

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Why the "Stamkos Tax" may actually be in Toronto's favour

Jeff Veillette
June 28 2016 08:30AM

Today is June 28th. Steven Stamkos is just 73 hours away from being able to sign with another NHL team, which, if the gossip holds, may very well be the Toronto Maple Leafs. But the debates continue to rage about where else he could head. Will he take the Buffalo Sabres' likely massive offer? Will he take the winning past of the Detroit Red Wings? Will he be another New York Rangers victim of July? 

Many feel he'll end up staying in Tampa Bay. You'd think he'd have signed at this point if that were the case, but most feel that he'll give in due to their silver bullet; their tax benefit. But what if I told you that there's a good chance that the benefit doesn't actually exist?

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Former Leafs Quinn, Lindros to be Inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame

Jeff Veillette
June 27 2016 02:32PM

The Hockey Hall of Fame's executive committee took advantage of a quiet year to right some wrongs, inducting former Toronto Maple Leafs Pat Quinn and Eric Lindros into the esteemed family, among others.

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5 Things To Consider About Kerby Rychel

Jeff Veillette
June 27 2016 12:20PM

Photo Credit: Aaron Doster/USA TODAY SPORTS

After their lengthy, yet controversial second day of the draft on Saturday afternoon, the Toronto Maple Leafs added to their run of acquisition by trading for 21-year-old forward Kerby Rychel. We joked about bending the rules to skew the trade further, but in reality, the team will likely stay at giving up Scott Harrington and possibly a 5th round pick.

It's a good price. But I want to bring up five points involving their new acquisition, if I may.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: June 27th

Jeff Veillette
June 27 2016 09:18AM


The draft is done, and July 1st is four days away. As such, the mailbag was a little more full than usual lately. By a little more full, I mean that after getting rid of questions directly about a certain Unionville-based centre, there was still four mailbags worth of questions to respond to.

But screw it. You're all fabulous, so let's tackle as many of these as possible.

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