Should the Leafs be running a "Top-9" offence this season?

Jeff Veillette
September 13 2016 10:16AM

Photo Credit: Robert Mayer/USA TODAY SPORTS

As the season approaches, fans and media have begun to dissect the remains and additions of this year's roster while wondering where everybody should be placed. The most important question to many, of course, is how the top two lines stack up.

But in asking that, it's possible that we're looking into a less-than-optimal situation if we're limiting the Leafs to a top-six, bottom-six team. Perhaps, with the coming injection of youth, the team should be looking towards more of a top-nine, bottom-three layout.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: September 12th

Jeff Veillette
September 12 2016 10:00AM


HOCKEY'S BACK! Look, I know a lot of people think the World Cup is a cash grab, but if the exhibition games have shown us anything, it's that these players aren't shying away from taking the games very seriously. Besides, cash grabs are good; it's hard to complain about the NHL finding new ways to add revenue while wondering why the cap is taking so long to shoot up again.

But enough about that, let's open up the mailbag.

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Leafs struggling with puck possession at World Cup Exhibitions

Jeff Veillette
September 12 2016 08:00AM

The results of a pair of warmup games, for a tournament that usually doesn't exist, in the beginning of September are probably the last things in the world that I'd use to make long-term blanket statements about a player. Certainly, that's not what we're here to do today.

But last night, I was curious as to how the Leafs' representatives at the World Cup of Hockey were doing as far as puck possession. The results? Well, they aren't so hot as of yet.

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Analyzing the Daily Faceoff Draft Guide: Home Is Where The Rookies Are

Jeff Veillette
September 12 2016 06:00AM


Much like the real world, you don't win at Fantasy Hockey by drafting the guy everybody expects you to in your position. After all, hit "not good or bad" 20 times in a row and you're left with a decidedly average team. To win the game, you have to beat the market, and to beat the market, you need to be wise with your picks.

That's where the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit comes into play. It's loaded with projections for hundreds of your favourite NHLers, detailed analysis on why they've come to those conclusions, a ranking system that runs laps around the rest, and basically anything else you need to get an edge. It's a great value at just $4.95 for over 100 pages of content, but before you dive into that, I'd like to point to point out that the kit references one of my favourite strategies, and this year, it favourites the Leafs more than any other team.

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Leafs gain comfort in second round of World Cup Exhibitions

Jeff Veillette
September 11 2016 07:57PM

Photo Credit: Eric Bolte/USA TODAY SPORTS

The World Cup of Hockey's run of pre-tournament exhibition games continued this weekend, with all eight teams re-convening with their first opponents to play another match in another venue. This time around, a glanced-over Leaf squeaks into the lineup, another falls out, and the rest of the crew plays some quality hockey.

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