LGD: Hello Brooklyn

Jeff Veillette
December 27 2015 01:06PM

So, that whole "better location" thing didn't exactly work out for the Islanders, did it? Even with a smaller arena, the team is still unable to fill it, averaging fewer than 13,000 fans in the stands per game. Some of those fans have unfortunate viewing angles, others have to deal with that off-centred scoreboard, but at the end of the day, the players and the people who have stayed with the team over the years surely appreciate playing at a venue that is easier to get to and isn't literally falling apart.

Whatever the case, the Toronto Maple Leafs are making their first trip to the Barclays Center tonight, and do so carrying a few former members of their team.

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Life goes on without Nylander, Kapanen as Marlies win over IceCaps

Jeff Veillette
December 26 2015 03:58PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/TSGPhoto.com

Having two teenagers on your AHL roster is a rare occurrence. Having them both be core players is rarer, having one become the best player in the league while staying there is even rarer, and losing them both to the World Juniors? Well, that's not typically a thing that happens. Then again, most of the Toronto Marlies' season is out-of-the-ordinary, and while William Nylander and Kasperi Kapanen hang out in Helsinki, the rest of the roster has five games to play before their tournament is done. From the looks of it, though, the remaining group is more than capable of handling the pressure, as shown by a 5-2 win over the St. John's IceCaps tonight.

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Dmytro Timashov named player of the game in Sweden's WJC debut

Jeff Veillette
December 26 2015 10:13AM


Though the main story in Toronto after Sweden's first game at the World Juniors is the status of William Nylander, who took a blindside hit to the head in the first period and didn't return, he wasn't the only Leafs prospect on the ice this morning. Dmytro Timashov, who lined up with the Nylander brothers on Sweden's top line, stole the show with two goals and an assist.

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William Nylander victim of dirty blindside hit in 2016 WJC debut

Jeff Veillette
December 26 2015 08:31AM

While everybody was excited to see William Nylander rip up the world juniors, there was some concern that his high-profile status would make him a physical target for the opposition. Those fears were confirmed, as the 19-year-old took a blindside hit to the head late in the first period.

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William Nylander on pace for historic production levels as World Juniors Loom

Jeff Veillette
December 25 2015 06:35PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin / TSGPhoto.com

Don't say that we didn't warn you. Earlier in the season, we hypothesized on this site that William Nylander could, in theory, score 100 points in the AHL this season. The post was heavily criticized as insane and highly biased. It's now Christmas Day and despite a "slump" of "just" five points in as many games before heading to Helsinki for the World Juniors, he's still on pace for 95 over 76 games.

Rather than stick to the "we told you so", this post aims to double down. At this point in time, William Nylander is the best player in the AHL, and arguably the best player to ever play at this level in his age range.

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