TLN Monday Mailbag: December 5th

Jeff Veillette
December 05 2016 09:10AM


Matt Hunwick isn't at practice today. Matt Martin isn't at practice today. Peter Holland isn't at practice today. IS IT A BLOCKBUSTER TRADE?! Nah, probably not. Probably just maintenance for the former two and Holland doing his best to not get hurt before being moved. But it's fun to speculate in the meantime, no?

Anyway, it's Monday, so I've reached into the mailbag and grabbed a few of your questions to answer.

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Marlies split home games against Wolf Pack

Jeff Veillette
December 04 2016 07:15PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The Toronto Marlies officially hit "slump" mode on Friday when they fell to the Rochester Americans on the road, but were given plenty of opportunity to pull themselves out of their funk at Ricoh Coliseum on Saturday and Sunday against the Hartford Wolf Pack. While their first attempt was unsuccessful, the Toronto Maple Leafs affiliate did manage to poach an important two points out of their the latter matchup.

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If there's a reason to lose hope, last night wasn't it

Jeff Veillette
December 04 2016 01:21PM

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA TODAY SPORTS

Since late last season, I've been of the belief that the Toronto Maple Leafs are actually good. More specifically, I've been of the belief that with the systems that Mike Babcock executes, the influx of young talent they've added in the past few years, and the continued growth of those players, the Leafs are now more likely to win X amount of hockey games than most teams in the league. It's a belief that they are not Stanley Cup contenders just yet, but they are at least in the threshold for good.

Alas, the Leafs lost to the Vancouver Canucks in a shootout last night, thus throwing a movement that was well-accepted several days ago out the window. Or did it?

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LGD: What can we expect from tonight's Leafs/Canucks hate-filled battle?

Jeff Veillette
December 03 2016 11:34AM

Illustration Credit: Derek Toye (@toyebot) for Vancouver Canucks (@Canucks)

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks face off at Rogers Arena tonight, and it's already been hyped up as the battle of the century. That, of course, is because the last game was full of questionable hits, crazy fights, and death threats. Also, when they played actual hockey, the Leafs slapped around a team that is basically the 2014/15 version of themselves. Which is, to say, a really bad one, but also Canucks' version skipped on drafting William Nylander and actually signed David Bolland.

Anyway, let's talk about what we can expect from this game.

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Marlies open weekend with loss to Rochester

Jeff Veillette
December 02 2016 08:28PM


Maybe this team isn't infallible after all. The Toronto Marlies lost another one tonight, falling 3-2 to the Rochester Americans in a game that went right down to the wire, giving them a (gasp) losing record in their past ten games.

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