Somebody might have broken Mats Sundin('s statue)

Jeff Veillette
August 01 2016 03:32PM

Photo Credit: Avry Lewis-McDougall / @Avry

It's August 1st, and outside of us looking at salary data and calling it a borderline captastrophe (I'll see myself out), there isn't exactly really a lot to talk about today. I wouldn't blame you if, instead of surfing the internet, you went outside and explored the world, or at least played Pokemon or something.

Friend of the blog Avry Lewis-McDougall did just that, cruising by the Air Canada Centre and noticed something... what the hell happened to Mats Sundin?

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How the Leafs can use the second buyout window to game the salary cap

Jeff Veillette
August 01 2016 01:51PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

While the original summer buyout window passed us all by before the start of free agency, teams who had salary arbitration cases to deal with are allowed a second kick at the can a few days after their disputes have been resolved, through rulings or settlements.

With Peter Holland, Frank Corrado, and Martin Marincin's cases now behind the Leafs, their window opened up today, giving them 48 hours to decide whether they'd like to part ways with one of their players. We hinted a bit at the value of this a few days ago, but today, we're going to combine two of our posts into one for the sake of outlining a potential white-hat gaming of the salary cap.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: August 1st

Jeff Veillette
August 01 2016 12:51PM


What's old is new again! The Mailbag has a new header look with an ode to the past, though Lou is our new delivery driver. With that said, let's dive into your questions for today.

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REPORT: Leafs once again favourites in Jimmy Vesey sweepstakes

Jeff Veillette
July 31 2016 10:06PM

You didn't think we were going to get through this summer without another down-to-the-wire sweepstakes, did you? With two weeks remaining until he officially hits the market Nashville Predators draft pick, Buffalo Sabres property, and Harvard University captain Jimmy Vesey has been reported to be leaning back towards the Toronto Maple Leafs as his top destination.

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TLN Plays of the Month: July 2016

Jeff Veillette
July 31 2016 12:05PM


Well, that was an eventful month! What was supposed to be the glorious end to Stammergeddon and a period of relaxation where nobody quite cared about anything else ended up being much different. The Leafs instead ended up building up the depth side of the roster with a level of urgency that made us all get a little antsy, for better or for worse.

Anyway, with the month behind about to be behind us, and knowing that some of our readers may have gone on vacation or taken an offseason breather from the game, I've assembled all of the news, takes, and resources that TLN had to offer in July into a couple of easy to follow lists.

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