Leafs Postgame - Victory)))))

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 08 2014 08:25PM


Don't look now, but the Leafs are slowly creeping their way back up the Atlantic Division standings. Despite a performance that probably doesn't go down as their best goal-preventing effort, the Leafs managed to score away their problems and give the fans at Air Canada Centre a 5-4 thriller.

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Marlies Lose 3-1 To Texas

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 06 2014 07:02AM


It's a new season, but it's not hard to look back to the immediate past. For the returning members of the Toronto Marlies, you have to imagine last year's conference finals were in the back of their minds as they took on the Texas Stars last night. Unfortunately for them, the only person who earned redemption tonight wasn't on either team last year.

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Stuart Percy Called Up To Leafs

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 03 2014 09:23AM

#456910706 / gettyimages.com

The Toronto Maple Leafs have called up Stuart Percy from the Toronto Marlies, in anticipation for a west coast mini-road trip. 

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Mailbag: No-Loss November

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 03 2014 06:54AM


I'm not saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs will never lose a hockey game again. That's crazy talk. I'm just saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs will probably never lose a hockey game again. Gotta leave a variable in for an outlier, you know.

In seriousness, this win streak has injected new life into the fanbase. But will that be reflected in the tone of this week's questions?

To submit your Leafs or Marlies questions, tweet myself (@Jeffler) or the site (@TLNdc).

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Marlies Win 3-1 Over Rochester

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 01 2014 08:49PM


The Toronto Marlies are about to embark on a long road trip. One that will last several weeks - you can call it a team bonding experiment, but really, its because the Royal Winter Fair has to use Ricoh Coliseum and it's not a smooth transition. That doesn't matter much to the team, but it's always nice to leave town on a positive note. Today was their opportunity to do so, and a 3-1 win against the Rochester Americans was the result.

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